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Preparation of a

Preparation of a COMMUNITY AWARENESS PROMOTIONAL PLAN (CAPP) Template 1- Situation analysis of Hurghada Aim The questions in the attached templates cover various areas of actions and levels of awareness linked to behavioural change. It has been used to conduct a quick investigation on the awareness situation and level of perception of the citizens in the city concerning renewable energy and energy saving. The exercise of filling the templates has identified and assessed the conditions in the municipalities prior to preparing a CAPP and to answers a number of questions, including: 1) Who is the target audience of a CAPP? 2) What are the priority issues to be addressed by the CAPP (that also could be identified by the PAED as priority actions)? 3) What is the level of awareness of energy key problems? And what are the first issues to raise awareness about? 4) What are previous awareness raising actions, so that he CAPP can build on them? 5) What is the situation as related to public consultation, based on which public consultation is to be designed? The exercise of filling the template helped pointing out how raising awareness can be utilized as a tool for improved energy policy to facilitate implementation of its actions; it has allowed initiating discussions in the Communication Workshop and helped identifying appropriate campaigns and actions. Specific objectives: (i) Provide the necessary information about the current conditions and the situation regarding awareness of energy saving and renewable energy, (ii) Help to identify the most appropriate a) awareness raising campaigns that would accompany the SECAP vision/strategy and b) the awareness raising actions that would accompany the priority actions determined in the SECAP. Steps to follow: (i) (ii) The SECAP team of the municipality has filled the templates based on their understanding and perception of the of the city’s inhabitants. They were free to seek the opinion of a limited number of persons to help fill the answers. The filled templates were discussed in the “CES-MED Communication Workshops”, which were led by CES-MED Communication Expert and attended by the SECAP consultant and the SECAP municipal team. In parallel, the vision/strategy of the city and the proposed pilot actions in the SECAP were reviewed as part of the workshop exercise. The outcome guided the selection of the most appropriate awareness raising campaigns and actions of the SECAPs, including the ones related to priority projects. 190

I. Identification of the target audience and the importance they give to Sustainable Energy (audience targeted by the awareness raising campaigns and actions) Age group Very important Important Not important Youth X Middle Age X Seniors X Others (young children to middle school) X II. Identification of priority issues to be addressed by a sustainable energy action and their level of importance Issue Expensive oil prices Availability/lack of energy Availability of transport Waste management Clean environment Level of importance Very important Important Not important X X X X X III. Identification of level of awareness (energy problems) and education of energy related issues Issue Very aware (through media or research) Aware but not convinced Not Aware Impact on environment X Cost of energy X Waste of energy X Climate change X Ways to save energy consumption X Existence of renewable energy X 191

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