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020318_Hurghada SECAP_FINAL

Template Two-

Template Two- Communication Plan 2.1.1 Proposed Communication or Awareness Raising Action related to Specific/Pilot Project: Energy - Title of the Pilot Project: The green touristic City of Hurghada. - Title of the Communication Action related to the pilot project: Sessions with owners and the responsible staff of environmental management and energy in the tourism facilities. Coordinate with the Governor, the Secretary General of the Governorate, the Tourism Investment Association (Businessmen Association), the Chamber of Companies (as a Specialized Chamber of Commerce), and the Tourism Promotion Authority (Ministry of Tourism). - Location (site/place/site or place/schools…): In the hotels, preferably the Beau Rivage Hotel (Management by Major General Ali Reza from the Tourism Investment Association) - Summary of the Communication Action - General objective(s): Sustainability and improving the environment. - Key Message: Branding the Green tourism as the future of international tourism, and to position Hurghada on the map of green tourism - Theme: Green Tourism and Hotels; Target group: Resorts and hotels’ owners as well as managers of the departments concerned with tourism facilities; officials of the environment sector, energy consumption sector officials. - Tools and channels: Presentation of case studies to explain and demonstrate the difference in energy consumption and positive reflection on environment. Presentation of international standards, agreements on commitment steps; Activation of the supervisory role and environmental inspection campaigns of the members of the Department of Environmental Affairs to periodically detect the violations and analyse their current environmental impact to be presented during the sessions with the Directors of the Environment to show its impact over the medium and long term. Hearing sessions, awareness campaigns and coordination with the owners and managers of the departments concerned with tourism facilities. - Organisation 194

- Roles and responsibilities (Communication Team): Campaign management by the Department of Information, Education and Environmental Training under the chairmanship of Ms. Ibtisam Ahmed. Support for the campaign from: Environmental Inspection Department to determine the environmental impact assessment, the legal department to determine the value of fines and possible reconciliation, etc. Management of green areas, landscaping and swimming pools by the Department of Energy and Water. All departments are a part of the General Directorate of Environmental Affairs of the Governorate. - Project lifetime (start and end date): Preferably in the low touristic season, a three-month campaign to start in, as March to September is relatively less active in fishing trips so would be more appropriate for the subjects of the campaign (yacht owners and marina managers) to be more receptive. - Link to other opportunities and/or events: The Bicycle Festival - Principal partners and stakeholders and their roles (1) - Staff training needs: The management team is required to develop methods and tools necessary to plan, manage and follow awareness campaigns, monitor and measure their impact and report to the director of the department and their team. Training of 8-10 individuals at the headquarters with the availability of training methods is a must. - Technical assistance and expert needs: A modern camera for documentation, a laptop, 3 USB flash-memory, a modern projector, a screen or two mobile display, prints and banners. - Cost estimate - Estimated implementation cost: EUR (and local currency at the date of preparation): 80,000 to 100,000 L.E. (4000-5000 Euros) - Funding source (available and foreseen): Tourist Investment Association, Russian Tourism Agency TEZ, Large Touristic Companies: Travco, Flash Tour, Blue Sky - Initial and start-up expenses and approximate operational Costs - Next steps: Following up - Follow-up, evaluation and impact assessment: Follow-up of environmental inspection campaigns and legal fines as referred to in point 5 above, in order to prove the seriousness of the government's implementation. - Annexes or references to annexes 195

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