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Template Two -

Template Two - Communication Plan 2.1.2 Proposed Communication or Awareness Raising Action related to Specific/Pilot Project: Environment 1. Title of the Pilot Project: The green touristic City of Hurghada. 2. Title of the Communication Action related to the pilot project: International Bicycle festival: The world is hosted by Green Hurghada. 3. Location (site/place/site or place/schools…): The first proposal: from Huwaidq Square to the Marine Sports Club (6 kilometres) or the second proposal: the village road to the Swiss Institute (about 6 km) or the third proposal: Arabia Road, Hurghada new tourist port and back (about 10 km long) or possible integration to work in stages according to the proposed work plan 4. Summary of the Communication Action - General objective(s): Spreading the culture of green mind-set and combating carbon emissions - Key Message: Save energy, buy your health Hurghada, City of Green Tourism - broadcast the support of the city and the Governor in practice to create attractive events for tourism, which motivates hotel owners and tourism companies to respond to the campaign 2.1.1. - Theme: Green Tourism and Hotels; A sports festival with a competition, will take place locally first, and grows to be replicated as an international marathon or carnival race. In parallel, cultural activities such as Tanoora, and Air Balloon would take place with bazars throughout the track of the art as well as activities for children. The day will end with a concert during which the winners of the competition will be honoured. This hotel will be the top sponsor of the festival and host the concert with pre-booked tickets. - Target group: Youth, foreign communities, tourists who are present or have come to participate in the event, tourism companies and hotels. - Tools and channels: Office of the Governor, Department of Environmental Affairs, Youth Civil Society Organizations, Youth and Sports Department in the Ministry of Sport, Tourism Companies, Audiovisual Media for Marketing and broadcasting Event. 5. Organisation - Roles and responsibilities (Communication Team): The Governor and the Secretary General of the Governorate (for direct supervision to ensure coordination) with the support of Traffic Department security department to secure the closure of the road and the 196

Carnival competition (Ministry of Interior) and the Ambulance (Health directorate in the governorate) to secure points of relief and health support along the path, the environmental management, marketing and coordination, - Project lifetime (start and end date): Festival to be held as a one full day event during the month of March. - Link to other opportunities and/or events: The Festival and the associated carnival will support and do the marketing for the “green hotel” campaign. - Principal partners and stakeholders and their roles - Staff training needs: Supervision and coordination with festivals organizing agencies in addition to training as in 2.1.1 - Technical assistance and expert needs: Contracting with professional events-planners for the support of the organization of the festival. 6. Cost estimate - Estimated implementation cost: EUR (and local currency at the date of preparation): Marathon, Marketing campaign and awards 500,000 L.E. (25,000 Euros) - Funding source (available and foreseen): Bicycle Union in Hurghada (Support Bicycle Renting), Yala Bike (Support for Bikes), Rental Points for Sale of Products along the Walk or Path by the Governorate, Advertising and Sponsorship Companies for the Festival, Hotels overlooking the Walk, Tourism Companies. - Initial and start-up expenses and approximate operational Costs 7. Next steps: Invest in the success of the event, assess its impact and draw the lessons learnt to replicate it every year Develop a vision to put the festival on the global map after a few years. 8. Follow-up, evaluation and impact assessment: Through the management of the environmental awareness unit, a questionnaire could be used during the event, and after to a random sampling between different groups of attendees in order to measure the effectiveness of the concept of the festival and its message, and how it reflects on their understanding about the importance and application of these principles in their lifestyle. 9. Annexes or references to annexes 197

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