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Template Two-

Template Two- Communication Plan 2.3 Proposed Communication or Awareness Raising Action related to Specific/Pilot Project: Energy 1. Title of the Pilot Project: Awareness sessions for yachts’ owners, sailors and managers. 2. Title of the Communication Action related to the pilot project: Rationalize the energy consumption of Marinas and yachts, and expand the use of clean energy. 3. Location (site/place/site or place/schools…): In the Marinas where the activity is happening and with several meetings/visits 4. Summary of the Communication Action - General objective(s): Reduce carbon emissions and marine pollution. - Key Message: Hurghada, The green city in land and sea for high global tourist branding (green tourism). - Theme: Awareness campaigns, inspection and presentation of alternatives to lighting and charging of yacht power by generators driven with diesel generators or solar power stations in each marina thus keeping the fossil fuels dependence only to yacht engines supply; especially with the availability of spaces on sidewalks and the possibility of installing cells on yachts’ surfaces to reduce the amount of fossil fuel which reduces carbon emissions in the Marinas. - Target group: Yachts’ owners, yacht owners’ association, tourist associations, fishing tour operators, directors of marines, labour and fuel-supply workers. - Tools and channels: Launching campaigns by a team of 4 to 5 members from the Department of Environment and Department of Environmental Planning to explain the impact, in coordination with the Association of Tourism Investment and the organisers of yachts and fishing trips to facilitate the meetings. Enhancing the supervisory role and environmental inspection campaigns of the Department of Environmental Affairs to periodically detect the violations and analyse the current and accumulated environmental impact to be presented during the meetings with the directors of the departments of the environment and owners to show the impact in the medium and long term. 5. Organisation - Roles and responsibilities (Communication Team): Environmental awareness management unit in coordination with the Association - Project lifetime (start and end date): 200

6 months apart from heavy tourist seasons or fishing seasons; starts from March till September. - Link to other opportunities and/or events: Showcase of suppliers of solar power panels to be made available through the follow-up display as in Template 2.3. - Principal partners and stakeholders and their roles (1) - Staff training needs: Similar to Template 2.1.1 - Technical assistance and expert needs: There is no need for assistance; the measurements are taken before meetings and there is an ongoing cooperation as technical support is provided in coordination with the Red Sea Protected Areas Sector, Ministry of Environment. 6. Cost estimate - Estimated implementation cost: EUR (and local currency at the date of preparation): Staff and inspection fees, certificates and gifts to attend and host a miniature ceremony for the most committed marinas, banners and publications explaining the impact and purpose: 100,000 EGP (5000 EUR). Air and water quality measuring tools: available. - Funding source (available and foreseen): Touristic companies organizing trips for tourism and fishing, hotels’ yachts of or owners renting their yachts. - Initial and start-up expenses and approximate operational Costs 7. Next steps: Strengthening inspection and applying fines. 8. Follow-up, evaluation and impact assessment: Measurement of the quality of water in and near the Marinas and the pollution of the coasts by the management of marine protected areas. Follow-up, inspect and account of any carbon impact and the extent of water pollution; check if it decreases during the campaigns and later on periodically. 9. Annexes or references to annexes 201

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