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The City Magazine_ February 2018

dizmatic NEW COMERS

dizmatic NEW COMERS CORNER Age:28 Real Name:Wendal Ocupation:Musician Location:Ramotswa Label Signed under:Independent Genre:Hiphop & RNB Dizmatic is a hiphop artist born in Zimbabwe to a Zimbabwean mother and South African Father(Now Motswana). Wendal Started his Priimary school in Zimbabwe and went on to do his high school at Bulawayo high before moving to Botswana and transfering to Bonnington Junior School. This is where his interaction with the mic,stage and rap was first formed,he participated in after school ciphers and battles,also competing in the school talent shows.He proceded to Gaborone Senior Secondary School before moving back to Zimbabwe Harare. While living in Harare he started visiting studios in the local area and ended up recording with a producer friend Dj Ace Turner.He then moved to Mpumalaga where he met fellow artists like Peter Xomiga ,Golden,MForce with whom they formed a group called Full Deck.Full Deck was abled to release music and perfom at events.Dizmatic moved back to Botswana where he met up with another producer named- Brian B,and they started working together,Brian B also introduced Dizmatic to The Dynasty Records at which Dizmatic is working, now on his solo EP and is still involved with both studios

3KUBE BEATS 3KUBE BEATS THE BUZZ ThreeKube Beats from Ghana, West Africa started doing music when he was 19, and in 2013 he started making instumentals for rap artists in the United states Of America. He has done three albums with Mr Miranda and is now working with Nymrod From Federal District in New York.During his term working with Mr Miranda ,one of their first two projects, got reviewed by The Source Hiphop Magazine and the other also did well. A month ago one of his artists got a lot of plays on souncloud,which became an inspiration to him.Besides the good work,and being the man behind a lot of rappers in the states,ThreeKube thinks hiphop in Ghana is slow,and them local rappers dont believe in themselves.He believes if his home rappers believed more in themselves and what they do,Ghanaian hiphop could take over the whole of Africa.He wants to end up a big producer and responsible for a lot of hits and artist success Wriiten By Pako Mokgaotsane

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