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Book review: C Emperor

Book review: C Emperor and War o Ever read anything of Conn Iggulden? Me neither. Then I found one bo would complement my selection of history things. Well, first of all, it was the last book in the series (sic!) but it was a very the Emperor series (Julius Caesar) and soon it will be Genghis Khan ser Why it is so fascinating? It is like 90% historical fact. The rest Mr Iggul right invented. But that is what makes it go from non-fiction to a good I did think I knew a good deal about the Tudors and the Lancaster’s an Brutus). Reading it made me go to Wiki to look up a lot of the people of a fictional book comes in and makes it into a good read. Was Octav they? How did Cleopatra play on her beauty? History has no answers, b It starts with the background: The 100 years wars and the fact that Henry VI was simply too weak. The wife (Margaret of Anjou) did put some back-bone into the house of Lancaster, but hey. Not enough. Edward IV – York – feels it is time to make a change. And the rest is just a great story

onn Iggulden: f the Roses series ok (Ravenspur). I really thought it was a usual non-fiction book. It good read. So I got the other books in the series. Then I got onto ies. den has modified a bit, changed, re-written, expanded on or downread, tops in fictional books. d the York’s (A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse!) or (et tu, or the events and how it correlates to facts. That is where the details ian really blonde? Brutus and Julius were not of the same age, were ut Iggulden has. Rome under Julius: The super-power. The early days of the republic and the days of the first emperor

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