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Roswell UFO incident

Roswell UFO incident Ever heard about Roswell? It is the ‘best’ of the conspiracy theories involving aliens and UFO’s. Here goes: A crash in 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico, sparks a debate: What crashed? The military claimed it was a weather balloon. The military came by and picked it all up, apparently in five heavy trucks. Eye witness accounts claim it all consisted of foil and sticks and things. But now comes the theories. It was a UFO. And the bodies of several crew members got taken to Area 51 for autopsy. And the UFO got analysed and is flown sometimes at night. It was a German WWII aircraft (a sort of round machine – Horten 229) flown by Russian spies. The machine was very small and the crew were therefore all dwarfs (I personally like this one). When Congressman Richardson asked for the Roswell file in 2007, he was told it was all classified; Hence: The military is hiding something. Unfortunately, even strong believers in UFO’s claim that whatever crashed in 1947, it was not a UFO – sorry folks. I had also wished it could be, but not this time.

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