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Export International Christmas Collection 2018

Parcel service No.:

Parcel service No.: 89562 Mistletoe No.: 89563 Cloud No.:89564 Bike No.: 89565 Winter wonderland candle holder. Design: Ruh Material: glazed porcelain and matt white with a decal in gold, silver or black. Dimensions: height 2,5 cm, Ø 14 cm. 14

Parcel service Small. No.: 89547 All I want for Christmas... Small. No.: 89548 Mistletoe Small. No.: 89549 Cloud Small. No.: 89550 Parcel service Large. No.: 89551 All I want for Christmas... Large. No.: 89552 Mistletoe Large. No.:89553 Cloud Large. No.: 89554 Winter wonderland lights. Design: Ruh. Material: white porcelain with a clear glaze and a print in gold or silver. Dimensions small: height 5 cm, Ø 4,5 cm. Large: height 7 cm, Ø 7 cm. 15