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Export International Christmas Collection 2018


PAULINE ROSINE CHARLOTTE I'll inspire something new – together with you. Dreams will come true, there isn't anything you can't do. I'll encourage you – there's so much I know you can do. Remember my words and you'll see, things are much easier than you thought they would be. I bring love – and warmth from above. I'm in love from head to toe, and am so happy it's you that I know. STERNCHEN FLORENTINE AURELIA Packaging I don't have silver or gold, this is true, instead just a poem written for you. If you wish upon my star, I'll send you joy right where you are. I'll bring you joy – I love life as a whole, to laugh, cry and dance with heart and soul! I like you for you, and hope you always remember that, too. I bring a golden beam of warmth and light – to shine into darkness, making it bright. 156

PAULINE ROSINE CHARLOTTE STERNCHEN FLORENTINE AURELIA SIZE PAULINE ROSINE CHARLOTTE STERNCHEN FLORENTINE AURELIA Assortment 6.5 cm No.: 89751 No.: 89752 No.: 89753 No.: 89754 No.: 89755 No.: 89756 No.: 89757 – 144 pcs. 12.5 cm No.: 89758 No.: 89759 No.: 89760 No.: 89761 No.: 89762 No.: 89763 No.: 89764 – 36 pcs. 17 cm No.: 89765 No.: 89766 No.: 89767 No.: 89768 No.: 89769 No.: 89770 – NEW 6 EDITION Cocktail napkin. Design: Krauss | Özkaya. Material: paper, printed. Dimensions: 25 x 25 cm. No.: 89773. 157