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Export International Christmas Collection 2018


Merry Christmas - trilingual No.: 91719 Merry Christmas No.: 91721 Christmas gauze hanger card. Design: Yurtcu. Material: paper, printed, heat sealed. Sewn elements. Dimensions: 12 x 17 cm. Fir No.: 91652 Star No.: 91653 Starry star No.: 91654 Christmas gauze card. Design: Rieck. Material: different glossy paper, with sewn gauze elements and printed paper tags. Dimensions: 12 x 17 cm. 174

Merry Christmas - trilingual No.: 91693 Silent night - trilingual No.: 91694 Christmas knitting card. Design: Yurtcu. Material: paper with hot foil print and knit elements. Dimensions: 12 x 17 cm. Reindeer No.: 91735 Star No.: 91736 Heaven No.: 91738 Happy New Year No.: 91739 Landscape No.: 91740 Hangtag card. Design: Rieck. Material: two layer cardboard, printed, heat sealed. Satin ribbon and loop. Dimensions: 10,5 x 21 cm. 175