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Export International Christmas Collection 2018


Stars, silver, small No.: 89234 Branch, small No.: 89235 Merry Christmas, small No.: 89236 Porcelain dream. Small. Assorted. 9 pieces, 3 of each design. No.: 89237 Dimensions small: Ø 7 cm, height 7,5 cm.. Stars, silver, large No.: 89231 Branch, large No.: 89232 Merry Christmas, large No.: 89233 Porcelain dream. Large. Assorted. 3 pieces, 1 of each design. No.: 89238 Dimensions large Ø 12,5 cm, height 20,5 cm. Porcelain dream. Design: Rieck. Material: porcelain, glazed outside, unglazed inside, partly handpainted in gold or silver. Note: can also be used as vase or planter. 45