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Export International Christmas Collection 2018

Joy to the world

Joy to the world Dimensions: Ø 25cm No.: 89686 Star Dimensions: Ø 30 cm No.: 89687 Jewel of winter. Design: Brun. Material: metal with a porcelain pendant and a gauze tag. 56

Forest large, deer small, gold No.: 89226 Deer large, forest small, gold No.: 89227 Snowflakes, silver No.: 89228 Stars of winter. Set of 2. Design: Rieck. Material: card, white, two layers transparent paper, sewn. Printed with silver or gold, hot foil embossed. Dimensions small: 20 x 19 cm Dimensions large: 30 x 28,5 cm Stars of winter. Set of 2. Assorted. 9 pieces, 3 of each design. No.: 89229. 57