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Vans-Magazine_VRLS 2018 Special edition edition


VANS ZWEIBRUCKEN Here an image of a couple buying their first SNEAKER ever!!! Maurice did an amazing job in serving the customers! They enjoyed being at Vans Zweibrücken and I had to promise to send him the picture as well! VANS Valencia . Erea served a customer who spent 354 € in 14 items Francis served a customer who spent 413 € in 13 items

straight from the field Manchester arndale Nice feedback from a customer: “Just wanted to say that I received some excellent customer service in your Manchester Arndale store today. Both staff members were friendly, smiley and professional and they helped me to choose a new pair of shoes which look ace. By far the best service I’ve had in a while and I will definitely be shopping there again in the future!” Kind Regards David VANS SEvilla This is to introduce you our part time sales associate, Augustin and his a good ticket. This have been possible because one French family asked Agustin about jackets with a good prices. After show two jackets for his sons, Agustin asked them if they want any item for this jackets, showing our Top sellers in FTW. They said "it´s amazing your FTW (Winston Models). But, Agustin wanted to make a good outfit them and continue showing our promotion in T-shirts (the second t-shirt with a 50% discount). Finally, they spend 262,20€ saying good bye with a big smile in their faces. 25

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