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Vans-Magazine_VRLS 2018 Special edition edition

HEART & SOLE 20 . The

HEART & SOLE 20 . The award night was mind blowing. Great to see so many people I known and have come to meet for the first time get recognition for the length of service. I was stoked to see from our district, Matt, and Andy get recognized. Matt winning the SVD give a shit award was very special, and I had a huge lump in my throat when he walked up to the stage. The final award was a moment I will never forget. When we did our first check out meeting, I said that I had nearly twenty years of fabulous memories, and wanted from my last RLS another twenty years worth. That proved to be an understatement. Being on stage with Farhad on one side of me and Fredrick on the other, makes me realize how tall people, get wet, long before us short people. Plus I remember Sylvain being worried that the back of the stage was going to be broken. I would like once more to congratulate the other nominees who I had the honor of sharing the stage with. What a great group of people. Its hard to describe the overwhelming feeling when you win something, the only other thing I have ever won in my life, my wife's heart. I remember Faf almost squeezing the life out of me, and then when he let me go, all the guys from our district charging towards me. My first reaction to that was, oh shit here goes Sylvain's stage. The reaction to the speech I made has completely overwhelmed me. In winning, what that speech allowed me to do was to praise the work of the two people I have the honor and privilege to work alongside. Grant and Lydia both started as part time and have worked themselves into the roles they are in, in only two years. They both have amazing futures with the company. I have a great team, and to James, Alex, Eluned, Sophie, Ben, and Bailey I thank you, and every day we grow as a family. It's been amazing for me to feel that the spirit of my father has touched people. I cannot thank enough the comments I have had from so many people after the speech. It was never my intention to do that, I just felt it was a fitting way to say that the healing process from his passing is getting easier. I love you so much dad, and miss you so.

HEART & SOLE 20 . Many of you know that this year is my last and I will never see many people again. Twenty years will have passed when I go, its been an amazing experience, a wonderful working life. Something that means everything to me, are the small things in life. In my time with VANS its always about people, and in particular young people. I can’t think of anything more special than having a young sixteen year old person start. It's their first job, they love it, and they leave a few years later and they are mature and all grown up. You don't see them for possibly years while they go to Uni' or get a full time job. Years down the line, they come and see you. They are married, and have children of there own. THATS LOVE, THATS FAMILY. We heart share all the time in our personal life's, so why should it be difficult instore? The part time people of today, could be the managers of the future. With heart-share its a strong possibility? Mirko emailed me, and asked me to write 'what does it mean to be a champion' I'm no champion, but I will always champion the right to train, coach, and develop people. I have loved the role of a VANS manager, the last week has been the biggest highlight of my career. From the bottom of my heart I cannot thank you for the comments, love and friendship. To the best DM in Vans, I say this. 'CHECKING OUT' (one last time Faf) Alun, Store manager of the year 2017, BRIDGEND

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