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iRecall News We are in

iRecall News We are in the process of changing the iRecall and Google Form surveys to match identically so that they can provide a consistent set of results and streamline the reporting process. However, as part of this streamlining process we are also removing any sites that are set up with the iRecall survey from the Google Form surgery options list. This means that for practices using iRecall, clients are no longer be able to leave a review on the National Vet Survey website, therefore please do not direct clients to the website if you use iRecall.

NAG News Do you have the right NAG? • Are they sharing the data and motivating their colleagues? • Are you using the how are we doing poster? What is your story, what it your data telling you? What are you doing about it? Training opportunities? In house training? Staying focus with CD/PM/NAG/HVN/Head Receptionist? Online training? New members of the team? Training from a member of NAG team Helen, Liz or Kath? Incentive your team re. data? Highest NAG data achieved: 7 Day Hillman Cannock 85% 28 Day Unicorn Ashurst 80.3% 365 Day Thanet Birchington 54%