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JAVA March 2018


SPREADING THE SEEDS By Robert Sentinery BUZZ This month’s cover story features Taylor Upsahl, a musical prodigy that JAVA has been following since she released her first album back in 2013, at age 14. Upsahl has always been ahead of her time, with the vocal and guitar talent to back up her forward thinking. Now, having just finished high school, she has packed her bags and headed west to Los Angeles, where opportunities abound. We admire her determination and wish her much success as she embarks on this solo journey (see “Taylor Upsahl: Phoenix’s Musical Prodigy Heads West,” p. 8). Like the legendary American pioneer Johnny Appleseed, local nonprofit organization Trees Matter is on a mission to increase arboreal populations. We all know that Phoenix is getting hotter due to the heat-island effect, as the city adds more concrete and asphalt to accommodate a growing populace. Also, air conditioners pump even more heat into the atmosphere during the hot summer months. Trees are one of the best ways to combat all of this hot air. Not only do they provide much-needed shade, but they also literally clean the air, absorbing carbon and producing oxygen. Trees Matter’s Utility Shade Tree Program, in conjunction with Salt River Project, is responsible for planting more than 5,000 saplings per year, and their Trees for Schools program brings even more, while providing education about trees and their care to Valley campuses (see “Trees Matter Casts a Bold Shadow,” p. 34). Speaking of trees, some of the most remarkable furniture being produced locally is by Scott Mills from Ironwood Mills. Giant trees, some brought down by seasonal storms that would otherwise get dumped or ground into chips, are used to make his oversized pieces. Imagine a conference tabletop composed of a single slice down the length of a giant local eucalyptus, beautifully finished, with raw edges. Mills’ partner, Leah Bosworth, shares warehouse space with him on the corner of Seventh Street and Butler, in the heart of Sunnyslope. Together they designed and built out Ironwood Yoga – a beautiful studio with high ceilings, wood floors, lots of natural light and glimpses of the surrounding mountains. They have also invited well-known artist Fausto Fernandez to set up a studio in the warehouse. Fernandez, perhaps best known for his stunning terrazzo floor in the airport’s PHX Sky Train terminal, works on large-scale paintings here. This is exactly the kind of collaboration that is making Sunnyslope such an appealing haven for artists (see “Ironwood Mills: Leah Bosworth and Scott Mills,” p. 12). WE PUT THE ART We cook till half past midnight every night of the year 480.994.5576 •

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