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2 March 2018

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4 Friday, March 2, 2018 National 52 scholars win HEC Outstanding Research Awards KARACHI: Head office: 509, Land Mark Plaza, I.I Chundrigar Road, Karachi, Pakistan. Ph: +9221-32214988- 32214990, Fax: +9221-32214989, Chief Editor: Muhammad Taqi Alvi Associate Editor: Ali Razavi - Editor Special Reports: Muhammad Rafique Rajpar Hyderabad Bureau Chief: Abbas Kassar - Islamabad Bureau Chief: Hameedullah Khan ISLAMABAD –– LAHORE –– RAWALPINDI –– KARACHI EDITORIAL Pakistan can’t succeed without energy sufficiency MASSIVE power failure, a worsening constant in decline of what could otherwise be a healthy socio-economic life line, again hit several major cities of provinces plunging into darkness around 80% of Pakistan including capital city Islamabad as authorities struggled to restore electricity supply in a country plagued by a crippling energy crisis. THAT meant neither light nor flight of progress upwards for socio-economics of Pakistan following a recent petrol scarcity crisis with ambulances scrambling for petrol, patients unable to reach hospitals, and those patients at home or operation theatres stuck with their life on the line blinking with whatever breaths and moments were left for a miserable living. HOPELESS 180-million people defeated by doing and undoing of their own elected leaders of broken promises, dashed national hopes, and a dark future, kept with up with their one unfailing constant: regrets after each elections over leadership corruption since past 6.5 decades. It seems quite immature to express trust, confidence or hopes for a better living against their unrealistic dreams, though people’s expectations may be limitless if leaders acted on a fraction of their claims and used national human and natural resources properly. CHAOS with surprises reigned as nature of fault was not known exactly behind the fourth major breakdown of the system within the past one month, initially blamed on technical faults, rebel attacks and other various reasons, all falling within mismanagement and inefficiency. Lawlessness needed to be controlled in Balochistan province, but it was not done up to now, as buses and pilgrims are blown up every now and then: Transmission lines in Balochistan's Nasirabad district were blown up by a bomb which caused the electricity crises. It’s government’s version. Pakistan’s industrial hub Karachi’s more than 70 per cent area went dark which this country earning most revenue from it can hardly afford, as industrial terrorism of K-Electric and terrorism of misled fanatics who By Tim Stanley Facebook has finally acknowledged the academic studies that say social media is bad for your health. I should know: I’ve just gone cold turkey. It’s been two weeks since I last tweeted and Tim Stanley feels great. I’ve lost weight, spoken to my family for the first time in years and have started work on a book called ‘Hey Loser, Put Down That iPhone!’ There’s a photo of me on the front cover in a leotard, throttling the Twitter bird. For too long it’s been taken as read that criticising social media is like trying to hold back the tide: change comes in, tradition goes out, deal with it. We used to worry that TV would rot your brain; before that radio, before that cinema. Doubtless, cavemothers once shouted at their little Troglodytes: “Stop staring at that fire, it’ll ruin your eyes!” But just because change is inevitable doesn’t mean that we should be morally ambivalent about it. After all, the invention of the motor car made human existence a lot easier, but it also led to accidents. So, we rolled out seat belts, traffic lights etc. And while some seem to think that the larger the technological change, the more we should be willing to nod it through, logic dictates the opposite. The internet has revolutionised our society so dramatically, so quickly, that it has become a matter of selfpreservation to stop and ask what its effects might be.Physically, it’s pretty obvious. Bending over a OPINION killed human beings on daily basis, went hand in hand, since more than a decade, with people wondering about what’s wrong with anti-terror operations: It needed to end terrorism which it did not, as it was not enough to say that potential terrorism was blocked, and people want various socio-economic roots of terrorism cut out so that peace could rule. Federal and provincial governments failed to do it, though they should have since long. Questions were arising within common public and opposition charge was glaring through length and breadth against living off an issue called terrorism, without eliminating terrorism. It’s not worth for government to make citizens or their protector force victims of terrorism without killing roots and creators terrorism as well as increase in number of terrorists themselves. DODGING main ideological or financial issues or socio-economic ills led to this energy crisis raising a mentally and physically sick society as politicians avoided practices of their beautifully spoken and cleverly worded policies in speeches and writings. No nation can afford such madness which can end if leaders were capable enough to end it. They were not. And can make way for better ones. It was also not enough that power supply was partially restored in Karachi towards full power supply soon. Another stated reason of technical fault should have been foreseen in National Grid and precautionary measures taken in advance of a coming catastrophe. If that was done, Uch-Sibi-Quetta power line would not have been severely affected and power system failure due to overloading of grid stations and other transmission lines could be avoided. However, maintenance work went under way after authorities woke up and a worsening situation was being monitored to ensure the restoration of electricity to all parts of Pakistan, after an irreparable loss was inflicted, instead of ascertaining problem-free functioning of power supply system. Maybe those responsible can definitely do something about it now, before their imminent downfall if they forgot it in action in some year or decade in future. How social media encourages us to push our extreme version Once more and more people recognise that social media is inherently anti-social, it can be successfully challenged phone all day ruins your posture. Staring at a small screen damages your eyesight. Watching videos until two in the morning upsets your sleep. And posting a photo of your cat having a bad hair day and waiting for the clicks to come works by exactly the same system of action and reward that you see practised in casinos and crack dens. We are hooked, folks. This is an addiction. It’s an addiction with some good side effects. Social media has made it easier to advertise, sell, run for office and stay in touch. It means that the grandma who lives hundreds of miles away can see all the photos of her family’s holiday to Egypt on Facebook. Although, if I was that grandma, I’d be inclined to type: “Looks fun. How about inviting me next time?” And that’s where the physical problems tip into the existential: the gap between reality and online fantasy. Social media is for many an alternative to being social: it means you don’t have to speak to granny in person. Moreover, we can choose precisely what grandma gets to see of our lives; not quite the whole picture, a collage of approved angles. In the Seventies, Susan Sontag wrote perceptively of how human beings use cameras to control our experience of things: the tourist sees the pyramids, he photographs the pyramids, the pyramids have been put in their place. In the old days he would then bore us all with a slide show: Giza shot out of focus, the heads chopped off the camels. LETTER TO THE EDITOR Child abuse The Editor, I want to draw your attention towards the child abuse problem prevailing across the country. Many incidents have recently been reported, which is very alarming and horrifying for the whole nation. Almost a year ago, the Child Abuse case in Kasur was highlighted, and more than a dozen innocent victims were reported in the media.Although some culprits were arrested and put on trial, no significant decision was taken against the beastly creatures. However, a massive media campaign was put up to cover the case of poor Zainab, who was brutally assaulted and murdered. The whole incident was covered in multimedia formats like print, electronic and social media. The police were diligent and arrested the culprit, with a quick decision taken by the courts to hang the horrendous culprit. To eradicate this problem entirely, we must look deeper and realize why these sort of incidents have been happening and come up with a stronger solution. In most cases, it is close relatives of children who are found to be the culprit, as children know and place their trust in them, hence being taken advantage of. These seemingly close “relatives” offer these children candies, toys and the illusion of safety, alluring the children towards them by taking them to parks and other recreational areas. Parents and teachers can play a vital and proactive role to save children from these kind of wild acts.They must educate children at a younger age to keep a distance with people who aren’t their immediate family, and how to tell apart any kind of abnormal behavior, and to talk to their parents about it openly rather than being ashamed or scared of repercussions. Parents should not leave their kids unattended and keep an eye on any unusual behavior of their kids.Teachers can also coach children about self-defense, perform role plays or get them to watch movies to educate children. Children are innocent and they are our future.It is our responsibility to save them. We need to take action at every level to guard them, so that they can play a constructive,positive and fearless role in their future endeavors. MahamMasood ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Science and Technology Rana Tanveer Hassain distributing research awards upon faculty members of different universities and researchers during a ceremony held in connection with 6th HEC Outstanding Research Awards at the Commission Secretariat. ISLAMABAD: The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has bestowed 52 research awards upon faculty members of different universities and researchers during a ceremony held in connection with 6th HEC Outstanding Research Awards at the Commission Secretariat Staff Reporter HYDERABAD: The Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education Hyderabad has notified for all concerned that the dates for receipt of applications for “Improvement of Grade”who passed Secondary School Certificate Supplementary Examination 2017 will be accepted without late fee Rs.1800/- upto March 5, 2018 and with late here on Thursday. Rana Tanveer Hassain, Federal Minister for Science and Technology was chief guest on the occasion, Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed, Chairman HEC, Dr. Arshad Ali, Executive Director HEC, and Dr. Muhammad Latif, Adviser Research and Development, HEC along fee of Rs.300/- will be accepted uptoMarch 19, 2018, while the dates for receipt of applications for “Improvement of Grade / Additional Qualification and Change of Group” at Secondary School Certificate Annual Examination 2018 has been extended with late fee of Rs.2000/- upto March 5, 2018 and with late fee of Rs.2500/- will be accepted upo March 19, 2018. Last day for applications to improve grade in SSC Allah Bux Khushik DADU: On central call of Pakistan Pera Medical Staff Association Sindh, the doctors of Dadu Pakistan Medical Staff Association leaders held demonstration inside dadu civil hospital for not accepting their legal demands by Sindh government it is learned here on Thursday. The demonstration was led by PMA Joint action committee leader Sadaquat Ali Somooro, Rafique Ahmed Panhwer Imdad Ali Abbasi and others were present in demo. Speaking to demonstration, they said that despite SC had directed to Sindh government to resolve their legal demands but it had neglected the court direction and Sindh government was not ready to resolve their basic problems like health professional allowance, service structure Meanwhile, the candidates who passed the Oriental Languages Examination 2017 and intend to appear in SSC Part-II (Class-X) Annual Examination 2018 the examination forms from the eligible candidates will be accepted without late fee at Rs.1395/- upto March 19, 2018 and with late fee of Rs.1795/- will be accepted upto March 28, 2018. Pakistan Medical Staff Association held demonstration Zahid Hussain memon immigrates solar light in Press Club Mirpurkhas M A .Rehmani MIRPURKHAS: Deupty Commissioner Mirpurkhas Zahid Hussain memon innograted solar light in Press club Mirpurkhas in this ocation president press club Mirpurkhas Rashid Saleem and Deputy Director infirmation Sawi khan Chalghari with deupty commissioner Mirpurkhas. Staff Report BADIN: Former provincial minister and PPP leader, Muhammad Ismail Rahu held an open katchery along with Deputy Commissioner Badin, Dr. Shehzad Tahir Thaheem, Assistant Commissioner, Babar Khan Nizamani, Mukhtiarkar (Revenue), Muhammad Umer Memon, PPP leader, Muhammad Aslam Rahu and president, PPP Taluka Badin, Haji Taj Muhammad Mallah at Mukhtiarkar office Badin. Huge number of citizens, villagers from far and wide areas and workers of PPP joined the katchery. They complained about bribe, embezzlement, high headedness and in justification of and others legal demands are also adjust. They said that Sindh Chief Minister had resolved the problems of Karachi hospital’s doctors but doctors of various district of Sindh were neglected. They warned if their legal demands would not be accepted they would hold demonstration on 7 march before Sindh Chief Minister house and hospitals would be closed. LARKANA: People from Hindu Community are celebrating their festival Holi to express religious harmony. police, Revenue, Local bodies, Health, Municipal committee Badin and other departments. They complained that acute water for several months was creating worsen situation and they were puzzled of potable water. The participants complained that due to water shortage their crops were damaged, their soils became barren and they sustained huge economic loss. Citizens deplored that they were deprived of development schemes and ongoing schemes were non-certified. They complained that impure and improper material was utilized to gain sufficient profit and share. Citizens of Badin complained about inadequate and with a large number of Vice Chancellors and researchers were also present. Speaking on the occasion, Rana Tanveer Hussain said the government accords due priority to promotion of higher education in the country. The Government has remarkably increased the budget of higher education sector, he added. Admiring HEC for promoting a research culture in Pakistan, he said, “HEC has focused quality of higher education, research and publications, and the results are ahead of us in form of outstanding research works.” He urged the scholars to conduct research based on solution to social issues. “Research Publications should carry real impact on society,” he stressed. The Minister observed that the education sector is facing multiple challenges, however the Government is committed to overcoming them. He said Pakistan’s geographical location makes the country a sensitive zone, adding that the country has been worst affected by terrorism. However, he continued, the government and armed forces have efficiently tackled the issue. He said youth are the country’s asset and HEC has worked on grooming their talent and capabilities. Khan wishes Holi to Hindu Community I S L A M A B A D : Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan wished Hindu community for a very happy and peaceful Holi, the festival of colours. He prayed for the peace of Hindu Community on this colorful occasion. Central leader of Sindhiani Tehreek, Saleha Gopang Passed away Staff Report BADIN: Central leader of Sindhiani Tehreek, Saleha Gopang Passed away in a road accident on last day. According to details, Central leader of Sindhiani Tehreek, Mrs. Saleha Gopang last night while crossing the speed-breaker near district jail Badin, road Tando Bago has succumbed of the accident and was rushed to the local hospital for treatment where she was referred to the Karachi because of sustaining the several injuries and her serious condition. She was admitted in the Karachi hospital where she was passed away last day. It is pertinent to mentioned that late Mrs. Saleha Gopang was remained at central, divisional and district level as office bearer of Sindhiani Tehreek and took active part in the campaign against Kala Bagh dam in Sindh. Former provincial minister and PPP leader holds open katchery non functional street light system, less interest in connection of cleanliness and drainage system, illegal occupation and grabbing precious and costly government plots and unannounced power outages causing civic life disrupted. Citizens, villagers and PPP workers submitted their complaint applications too.

Beast from the East has killed 48 people so far across Europe LONDON: The Beast from the East has claimed at least 48 lives throughout Europe as the freezing conditions blast their way across the continent. Schools are shut and weather agencies predict the brutal cold will continue as the death toll from the freezing snap rose to around 48 since last Friday, with icy conditions causing accidents and endangering vulnerable rough sleepers. In London, a man in his sixties died after falling into the water at Danson Park in Bexleyheath while trying to save his dog. The dog was rescued by boat, the London Ambulance Service said. In the Netherlands, an elderly skater plunged through cracked ice in the western village of Hank. The victims also include 18 people killed in Poland, six in the Czech Republic, five in Lithuania, four each in France and Slovakia, two MOSCOW: A top Russian security official says the US has set up around 20 military bases in areas controlled by Kurdish militants it supports in northern Syria, adding that Europe braced for fresh blizzards as deadly ice blast strands travellers LONDON: A woman asks for help after her car was stuck in the snow after a heavy snowfall in Burgos, northern Spain. each in Italy, Serbia, Romania and Slovenia and one in Spain. Authorities are also urging people to look out for elderly relatives and neighbours after a French woman in her nineties was found frozen to death outside her retirement home in Paris, where up to 5cm of snow was expected overnight. The Siberian cold front – dubbed the ‘Beast from the East’ in Britain, ‘Siberian bear’ by the Dutch and the ‘snow cannon’ by Swedes – has blanketed huge swathes of the region in snow and played havoc with transport networks. Further blasts of wintery weather are expected, with authorities in Ireland and southern France among those to have issued red alerts on Wednesday. Homeless people account for many of the dead, and cities across Europe have been racing to open emergency shelters to protect people sleeping rough. In US established 20 military bases in Syria’s Kurdish-held north: Russian official Washington “provoked” Turkey into launching an offensive in those regions by providing the Kurds with advanced weapons. Alexander Venediktov, an official from Russia’s Security Council, said Thursday that the establishment of peace in war-torn Syria is impeded by external interferences, particularly American meddling, in the conflict, according to Russian media. “The return of peace and stability to Syria is hampered by continued external interference in the Syrian crisis. For example, in the territory controlled by the people’s self-defense units of Kurdistan, some 20 US military bases have been created,” Venediktov said. Venediktov also said that Washington provoked Ankara into launching a military offensive on Syria’s Afrin by “boosting” the Kurdish militants with Aid convoy heading to northern Syria amid clashes with Turkey: ICRC AFRIN: A Syrian convoy of humanitarian aid has reached the northern district of Afrin, which has been the target of a Turkish offensive for more than a month. The convoy bringing humanitarian supplies to 50,000 displaced people in the war-torn district, said spokeswoman of The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Iolanda Jaquemet said on Thursday under the supervision of It is the first time this year that the ICRC and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) have got agreement from all warring sides to send a convoy to the area, she pointed out. Syria’s official SANA news agency reported that in Aleppo the convoy including 28 trucks entered the crossing of al-Zyiara heading for Afrin under the supervision of the SARC and the ICRC. SANA’s reporter said the aid convoy is carrying food and medina and other relief supplies to support the residents of Afrin in the face Turkey’s ongoing act of aggression in the region. The development comes days after the UN Security Council unanimously voted in favor of a resolution demanding a 30-day truce in Syria “without delay” to allow aid delivery and medical evacuations. the most advanced weapons. “The Kurds are being boosted with advanced weaponry. The deliveries of modern weapons and encouragement of separatist sentiments among the Kurds have in fact provoked Turkey into carrying out the military operation in Syria’s northern Afrin region,” the Russian official said. French MPs ‘sleep rough’ in cold Paris to highlight homelessness PARIS: Fifty members of the French parliament have spent a night on the streets to express solidarity with the country’s homeless population and draw attention to the social issue exacerbated by a cold snap in France. The French lawmakers spent the night on the streets of the French capital of Paris on Wednesday as air temperature was expected to fall to as low as minus 2 degrees Celsius. The initiative was launched by the deputy mayor of the Etampes Commune, Mama Sy, who called on elected officials to “sleep rough,” and comprehend the seriousness of the problem by standing in solidarity with the city’s homeless population in winter temperatures. “We can no longer allow people to live and sleep out on the street. We want it to end. To do that, we demand the requisition of empty buildings. Germany, the National Homeless Association urged shelters to open during the day and not just at night. ‘You can die of cold during the day too,’its chief Werena Rosenke warned. And in the northern port of Calais, authorities were launching emergency plans to shelter migrants who camp out near the coast hoping to stow away on trucks bound for Britain. Schools were shut across Kosovo, western Bosnia and much of Albania, as well as in parts of Britain, Italy and Portugal. Temperatures again plunged below -20C overnight in numerous parts of Europe – even hitting -36C in Glattalp, 1,850 metres (6,000 feet) above sea level in the Swiss mountains. Ahead of a predicted thaw towards the end of the week, both Belgium and Switzerland marked their coldest nights of the winter so far. Moscow assists Baghdad in ensuring security: FM Jaafari BAGHDAD: The Iraqi foreign minister says Baghdad is receiving assistance from Russia in ensuring security in the Arab country, ravaged by the war against the Daesh terror group, and that the two sides “exchange information” on a regular basis. “It is difficult for a country to be restored after the war alone,” Ibrahim Jaafari, who headed a high-level Iraqi delegation to Russia, told a press conference in Moscow on Wednesday, adding, “Russia is providing support for us.” “We are exchanging information, and Russia is also providing assistance in security area,” said the top Iraqi diplomat. Jaafari also expressed willingness to expand economic and energy cooperation with Russia, saying Baghdad was open to business with any company, including Russian firms, interested in supporting the country’s post-war construction efforts. WASHINGTON: Most American voters think President Donald Trump is a racist person and life conditions for minorities have taken a turn for the worse under his presidency, a new poll has found. The survey by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, which was released on Thursday, found that 57 percent ofAmericans – including more than 8 in 10 blacks, three-quarters of Friday, March 2, 2018 International LOS ANGELES: It will shock precisely no one to learn that Jennifer Lawrence is a very good hang. Even dressed in a stunning Ann Demeulemeester skirt, her considerable height made even more statuesque by a pair of highheeled Chloe boots, “Jen,” as she introduces herself, exudes the B.S.-free candor of a friend settling in for an impromptu chat. She’s chill — if not exactly thrilled — when she’s asked what it’s like to miss out on this year’s Oscar season, despite leaving it all on the field as a woman driven to emotional extremes in Darren Aronofsky’s “Mother!” last fall. “I’m having a fine time,” Lawrence says. “I hopefully will have a long career ahead of me, I have good friends who are going, I’m happy for them. I think watching the [Golden] Globes from home with my friend, eating pizza was, like, the best night. I’m like, ‘This is where it’s at.’ ” She pauses for a sip of tea. “Did that sound cocky? I feel like people can’t hear the inflection of my voice. Because sometimes I read things back and I’m like, ‘What the [expletive]? Who the [expletive] do you think you are?’ Because really, I’m deeply insecure, everybody, so ...” Her voice trails off before she adds an aside 5 This Oscars isn’t Jennifer Lawrence’s moment TEL AVIV: An Israeli military official says killing Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, the head of Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance movement, would be a “decisive victory” in the regime’s future war against the Arab country. “If we manage to kill Nasrallah in the next war, I would see that as reaching a decisive victory,” Major General Yaakov Barak said on Wednesday, Haaretz reported. Barak claimed that any future war is expected to be very different from previous ones, and that Israeli ground forces are “ready and prepared” to be sent into the Lebanese territory more quickly, widely and deeply than before. He said that “the next with a half-deprecating laugh. “Not really.” Killing Nasrallah ‘decisive victory’ in next war on Lebanon: Israeli general WASHINGTON: Saudi Arabia’s bid to expand its nuclear program with the help of the United States is aimed at undermining the 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and the six world powers, says an analyst. Dr. Kevin Barrett, an author based in Wisconsin,made the remarks while discussing the planned resumption of US-Saudi talks on a lucrative deal for the construction of nuclear reactors in the kingdom. The talks were frozen under the former US administration after the Saudis refused to accept war will not be a war of several days, but it won’t last several months either.” Barak’s comments echoed remarks by Israel’s military’s chief spokesperson Brigadier General Ronen Manelis, who had said in November that Hezbollah will be a target of assassination in Tel Aviv’s next act of aggression against Lebanon. Saudi nuclear bid aimed at undermining Iran deal: Analyst Hispanics and nearly half of whites— thought Trump was racially-biased. Of all respondents, 57 percent thought Trump's Washington’s non-proliferation “gold standard” for civil nuclear cooperation deals. The standard prohibits the recipient of the technology from enriching uranium and reprocessing plutonium, which could be used to produce fuel for nuclear weapons. Most Americans think Trump is racist: Poll policies have been bad for Muslims while 56 percent said the same for Hispanics. For African Americans the figure dropped to 47 percent, including three-quarter of blacks. The poll also found that over 9 in 10 African Americans disapproved of the way Trump has been handling presidency and 9 in 10 thought he was leading the country in the wrong direction. In contrast, 45 percent of white participants approve of Trump’s work, while 35 percent of them thought the direction of the country was improving. China ‘strongly dissatisfied’ with US bill on Taiwan BEIJING: China has expressed strong dissatisfaction with a newly-passed US Senate bill that aims to promote closer ties between the US and selfgoverning Taiwan, which China sees as part of its territory. The condemnation came on Thursday after the US Senate passed by unanimous consent the Taiwan Travel Act, which intends to encourage visits between the United States and Taiwan “at all levels.” Approved in the House of Representatives in January, the bill ruled that it should be US policy for high-level Taiwanese officials to enter the US “under respectful conditions,” meet with US officials, and conduct business in the country. “China is strongly dissatisfied with this and resolutely opposes it, and has already lodged stern representations with the US side,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said at a daily news briefing in the capital Beijing. Some of the new bill’s provisions are not legally binding and it “seriously violates” the One China principle, she added. Washington should halt official exchanges with Taiwan and “prudently and appropriately handle issues related to Taiwan to avoid seriously interfering with and damaging China-US relations,” Hua said. The legislation needs US President Donald Trump’s signature to become law. It would be unusual for a president to veto a measure that has passed unanimously. China had earlier warned the US against passing the bill. China and Taiwan split amid a civil war in 1949; however, Beijing’s leadership pursues their reunification. In 1979, the US adopted the “One China” policy of recognizing Chinese sovereignty over Taiwan. The “One China” policy refers to the policy or the diplomatic acknowledgement that there is only one state called China, despite the existence of two governments — one in China and another on the island of Taiwan. Under the policy, the United States recognizes and has formal ties with the government in Beijing rather than with Taiwan.

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