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Staff Bulletin

Health and Safety Update

Health and Safety Update New IRR17 Regulations The old IRR19 radiation regulations were replaced by the new IRR17 regulations on 1 st January 2018. Practices that have already hived up with IVC should use the group IVC registration certificate sent out at the end of January. Practices that have not hived up, I registered separately and they should have received a copy of their registration certificate at the same time. Once hived, please use the IVC one. HSE Inspections There has been a recent influx of inspections of veterinary practices by the HSE, particularly regarding radiation equipment. If any further practices have received a notification of inspection, please contact me and I will gladly assist. IVC’s preferred RPA’s It was agreed by the IVC H&S Committee that all practices should use IVC’s RPA Peter Cockett. If he is unavailable, use your local NHS RPA. RPA inspections are due every three years and if yours is in date and you have recently joined IVC, there is no need to book a re-inspection until your three years are up. Training As per Section 14 of the new IRR17 regulations, every employer engaged in work with ionising radiation must consult such suitable radiation protection advisers as are necessary for the purpose of advising the employer on the observance of these Regulations. I have recently arranged a central training session with Peter Cockett to ‘test the water’ with this and it has proved to be very popular (30 places were taken in amatter of days). Due to the popularity, I will be arranging further sessions (possibly regional) in the near future. Drop me a line to register your interest. FYI: Safety Media Online H&S Training Link: Remember, all employees have a duty to take care of their own health and safety and that of others who may be affected by your actions at work. If an employee notices anything that may affect yourself or anyone around you at work it is their responsibility, as well as the employers, to report it.

GDPR vs GPA GDPR replaces GPA on 25 th May 2018 For more info click the GDPR vs GPA link in the bulletin menu.