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Trend 2 Target account

Trend 2 Target account list optimization and segmentation

B2B marketers will use data and analytics to optimize account lists and segment them We’ve touched on how the business buyer’s journey is becoming increasingly digital, but salespeople are still a critical part of selling complex enterprise solutions. Perhaps this is why organizations with tightly aligned sales and marketing teams report achieving revenue goals faster. According to Sirius Decisions, B2B organizations with tightly aligned sales and marketing operations achieved 24 percent faster growth and 27 percent faster profit growth over a three-year period. 2 Clearly, aligning efforts against a single account list ensures that both functions are working in concert to create opportunities and advance target accounts through the purchase funnel. Most B2B marketers are aware that internal alignment is a key benefit of ABM; what is talked about less is that this trend is driving Marketing to take a more prominent role in defining target account lists and driving go-to-market strategy. In some cases, marketers will simply request an account list from Sales to use as a baseline for their ABM strategy. However, as lead quality and ROI increase with ABM efforts, Data Driven B2B Marketing | 11

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