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B2B organizations will

B2B organizations will look to their marketing teams to leverage data and analytics for account list optimization. By using predictive analytics, marketers can analyze historical win/loss data to make predictions about which accounts are most likely to convert and deliver the highest ROI. According to Forrester, 86 percent of marketers report that they believe predictive analytics is central to ABM success.Some B2B brands have in-house data science teams with these predictive analytics capabilities. However, more often marketers look to vendors for help. Not only do they have established methodologies for analyzing historical win/loss data, they also aggregate massive amounts of third-party data to help spot new accounts that “look like” your best customers. Some predictive analytics partners go one step further, aggregating digital signals that indicate when an account is in-market and where they currently are on their path to purchase. These capabilities not only yield an optimized account list, they allow marketers to segment and tailor messaging to an account’s purchase stage for maximum relevance and influence. 12 | Data Driven B2B Marketing

”86 percent of marketers report that they believe predictive analytics is central to ABM success. - Forrester Data Driven B2B Marketing | 13

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