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is that it is often directed at unknown or anonymous users. It has traditionally been difficult to determine place of employment among anonymous online users at scale, but robust cookie-based ABM data is changing that. With anonymous third-party ABM data, B2B marketers can now deploy account-specific programmatic, awareness and demand gen programs. When a single account list is activated across programmatic, marketing automation and site optimization platforms, it creates powerful continuity across all channels: social, mobile, video, display, email and website. The benefits to customer experience don’t end with coordinated marketing. Account-based data has surfaced as the connective tissue connecting previously siloed groups within the enterprise. Weaving marketing programs into this common language will provide real-time, actionable customer data critical to creating seamless experiences across the full customer lifecycle. When marketing programs are focused against accounts from the start, they create tighter alignment with subsequent workflows. Soon, in addition to Sales, teams like Customer Success, Commerce, Channel Marketing and others will benefit from account-based insights generated by ABM programs. Likewise, we’ll see broader organizational inputs begin to flow to Marketing, which will further inform the customer experience. This gives a small glimpse into how ABM is becoming a transformational force in creating a unified customer experience across marketing channels and functional groups. 16 | Data Driven B2B Marketing

”By 2020, customers will manage 85 percent of their relationship with an enterprise without interacting with a human. - Gartner Data Driven B2B Marketing | 17

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