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Why ABM represents such a significant shift ABM is not specific to any single program or channel. It can encompass ad targeting, re-targeting, site optimization, marketing automation, content strategies and more. That is because, at its core, ABM is a data strategy. It has the potential to provide a unified foundation of insights that reaches across marketing channels, across the customer lifecycle, and even across functional groups within an organization. An account-based data foundation allows B2B marketing to become more “data-driven” and deliver relevant experiences when targeting business buyers at whatever stage they are in the path to purchase. ABM strategies are helping leading B2B brands create competitive advantages by enabling them to effectively penetrate new verticals, win new customers and quickly react to market changes. Marketers have been drawn to the account-based approach because it allows them to focus resources on carefully selected accounts. This can result in increased numbers of leads, accelerated sales cycles and higherquality revenue opportunities. In fact, according to ITSMA, 80 percent of marketers report that ABM initiatives outperform other marketing investments. 4 | Data Driven B2B Marketing

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that in 2017 the practice of ABM will evolve even further, from singular tactic to holistic strategy. Account-based marketing data will be married with programmatic, marketing automation and site optimization tech stacks to deliver relevant experiences at scale across channels. All while observing digital body language and collecting actionable insights to which accounts are most receptive. These closed-loop insights will help optimize in-flight programs, inform future campaigns and even help other functional groups within the organization be more agile and effective. Let’s take a closer look at three account-based marketing trends that will reshape B2B marketing in 2017 and beyond ... Data Driven B2B Marketing | 5

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