8 months ago

Preferred Vendor Booklet

Need a vendor to complete a house project. Here is a booklet of businesses to help you out. Let me know how I can help with your real estate needs.

Lenders Aaron Ninness

Lenders Aaron Ninness Branch Manager New American Funding 303-908-2768 NMLS# 256107 RJ Baxter Senior Loan Originator Fairway Independent Mortgage Company 303-670-0137 NMLS# 395819 Rebecca Hansen Sales Manager Guild Mortgage 303-884-8481 NMLS ID# 319830 2

Advantages To Using Our Mortgage Lenders Not all lenders are alike, they all have different programs, different fees and even different interest rates. One lender may deny you for a loan and the next lender may approve you based on different qualifications and programs available. Over the years, we have worked with some of the best and some of the worst lenders ever. Our Lenders are the best of the best. There are no financial ties between us and them. This is based strictly on their prior performance and dedication to our clients. The DO NOT’s of purchasing a home: 1. DO NOT change jobs, become self-employed or quit your job. 2. DO NOT buy a car, truck, or van. 3. DO NOT use Charge Cards excessively or let your accounts fall behind. 4. DO NOT spend money you have set aside for closing. 5. DO NOT omit debts, liabilities or tax issues from your loan application. 6. DO NOT buy Furniture, TV’s, Appliances or any other big ticket items. 7. DO NOT originate any kinds of inquiries into your credit, such as applying for any other credit cards. 8. DO NOT make Large Deposits without first checking with your loan officer. 9. DO NOT change bank accounts. 10. DO NOT co-sign a loan for anyone. Lenders Keep things as they were when you applied for your loan. If in doubt, ask your loan officer in advance! 3