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MSP Pitch Deck

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Scaled Services by Employee Type Full Corporate User Mobile Management Office 365 Monitoring Antivirus Desktop Management ID Management Govt Contractor User Email Mobile Management SharePoint Monitoring Antivirus Office Desktop Management ID Management Network Infrastructure

Save Money & Improve Service Micro Business Model 10 Full Seats 30 Email Only 10*$124.95=$1,249 30*$14.95=$448 Monthly $1,698 .2 FTE equivalent Annually Small Business Model 30 Full Seats 70 Email Only 30*$124.95=$3,748 70*$14.95=$1,046 Monthly $4,794 .5 FTE equivalent Annually Medium Business Model 50 Full Seats 200 Email Only 50*$124.95=$6,247 200*$14.95=$2,990 Monthly $9,237 .9 FTE equivalent Annually Copyright ©2018 Summit 7 Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.

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