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4 Comet Courier 03-02-18

4 Comet Courier 03-02-18 Juniors to take SAT on April 10 The SAT exam will be given to all juniors on Tuesday, April 10. This is the second year the state of Illinois has used the SAT as their state mandated assessment. Students will be assessed in reading, writing, language, and math. The test is given at no cost to students and they will be able to use their scores for college admission, college course placement and scholarship purposes. In order to prepare for testing, juniors were given the PSAT (a pre-SAT test) in October and scores were made available to students in December. Spring conferences on March 21 and 22 Prom set for May 12, attendees hear rules To parents of potential Prom attendees, A meeting for junior and seniors was held in the gym on Thur., Jan.18, to go over some pertinent Prom rules. 1. To attend Prom, a student must meet IHSA scholastic standing requirements - passing five classes. (Third and fourth quarter average) 2. Students will not be allowed to leave Prom until 11 p.m. No exceptions! 3. Any student who owes any money to any club or sport will not be allowed to purchase a ticket until they are paid up. This includes turning in sport uniforms. Juice OHS will hold parent-teacher conferences on Wed., March 21, and Thu., March 22, from 4-7 p.m. We hope you will take advantage of the opportunity and schedule appointments with one or all of your child’s teachers. The conference will allow teachers and parents to meet and discuss the progress of the student. At this time, you will be able to voice any concern you might have. To schedule a conference, go to our website and click on the Parent- Teacher Conference link located under the menu tab. In January, Mrs. Lee met with juniors in Mr. Hayworth’s English classes to register for College Board and Khan Academy accounts. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the free, personalized instruction and sample tests that are available through these websites. There will be some class time set aside for Khan Academy practice during English III, American History, Algebra II and Pre-calculus classes, but for maximum results students should plan to practice outside of school Upcoming Athletic Events March 10 GT Charleston Indoor 8:30 am March 14 BB Mahomet-Sey. (A) 5 pm March 17 BT Charleston Indoor 8:30 am March 20 BB Urbana (H) 4:30 pm March 20 JVBB Salt Fork (A) 4:30 pm March 21 SB Fisher (H) 4:30 pm March 21 BB Fisher (H) 4:30 pm March 22 BB Monticello (H) 4:30 pm March 24 BB Tuscola (A) 10 am March 24 JVBB Tuscola (A) 11:30 am March 26 SB Unity (A) 4:30 pm March 27 TR BHRA (A) 4 pm March 27 BB PBL (A) 4:30 pm March 27 SB Tri-County (A) 4:30 pm March 28 SB Blue Ridge (A) 4:30 pm March 28 BB Blue Ridge (A) 4:30 pm Spring Break -- March 23 to April 1 If you do not have computer access, please call the office by March 20. If a teacher wishes to schedule a conference with you, you will be notified. Parents can begin signing up for the conferences on the website on March 8.

5 Comet Courier 03-02-18 OHS to host panels on inclusion and sensitivity Beginning on March 16, OHS will play host to three separate panels to bring awareness and increase sensitivity toward others in society. The first group of panelists will discuss race and culture and the experiences of living as a minority in America. On April 6, there will be an Ability and Disability Panel, and then finishing on April 20 with a Gender and Sexuality Panel. Because of the sensitivity of the topics, some parents may not want their students to hear the speakers. If that is the case, they can opt out their student by sending the form below back to the school. The forms will be sent out some time next week. Follow us on Twitter at @OakHS76

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