10 months ago

Big Green Tree Natural Skincare product brochure - March 2018


SHEA SALT SCRUB As part of any great health and beauty regime, exfoliating the skin is a must; this will keep your skin vibrant, removing dead skin cells, unblocking pores and allowing the younger fresh skin to breathe and shine. The best way to polish and exfoliate is with Big Green Tree’s natural shea based Sea Salt Scrub. It’s a great way to treat harder skin you may find for example on elbows and heels so do spend a little more time on these spots, they deserve some love and pampering. The coarse salt, when gently massaged in will exfoliate, whilst the shea butters and rich coconut oils will help to protect and nourish, ensuring that afterwards you will feel truly revitalised. LIME MANDARIN & BASIL RED POPPY & GINGER COCONUT FREESIA & LILY FRESH FIG 350G SHEA BODY SOUFFLÉ LIME MANDARIN & BASIL RED POPPY & GINGER COCONUT FREESIA & LILY FRESH FIG 100G Highly nourishing Body Soufflés based around the key ingredients shea butter, coconut and jojoba oils are whipped to silky perfection; designed to lock in moisture and improve the skins natural elasticity, making you look and feel younger.

SHOWER & MASSAGE OIL If you are on the move and need to moisturise quickly and effectively then Big Green Tree’s Shower Oils are a lovely way to lock in all day moisture; simply towel off and apply a small amount all over the body, letting the calendula, coconut and avocado oils keep you feeling soft and smooth all day long. LIME MANDARIN & BASIL RED POPPY & GINGER FREESIA & LILY FRESH FIG 150ML