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Headteacher and Principal Induction

Specific Training

Specific Training Related to the needs of the children and young people Self Harm and Ligature - Compulsory Training We do have a small minority of children and young people who self-harm within our Aurora schools or colleges. This is any behaviour such as self cutting, swallowing objects, taking an overdose, or self-strangulation. Some people who self-harm can have a strong desire to kill themselves. However, there are other factors that motivate people to self-harm, including emotional pain, the need to reduce tension, the need to express hostility, the desire to induce guilt or to increase caring from others. Even if the intent to die is not high, self-harming may express a powerful sense of despair and needs to be taken seriously. That is why as part of your specialised awareness training it will include an in-house training package led by one of our expert clinical psychiatrist. It will cover what self harm is, factors that might trigger self harm, warning signs, dos and don’t whilst following policy and procedure and guidance from professionals. In addition you will be trained in understanding ligature; implementing control measures, management of the ligatured person, risk assessments and safe removal of ligature. Empowering Uniqueness

Specific Training Related to the needs of the children and young people ‘Being able to communicate is one of the most important skills that we need in life. Almost everything we do involves communication, such as learning, asking for food and drink, organising days out, sorting out problems, making friends and having fun’ (in part, 2018) Some children and young people have speech, language and communication difficulties which impact on their everyday life. It can lead to low self-esteem and a lack of self confidence and can result in poor behaviour. It can make children and young people feel anxious. We aim to address this and help children and young people grow and flourish. As part of your specialist training you will access an e-learning module by the Communication Trust which will help you to understand about children and young people’s speech, language and communication development. It looks at how you can support the development of these skills on a day-to-day basis and how to spot children and young people who might be struggling to develop these important skill. Empowering Uniqueness

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