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Headteacher and Principal Induction

Session One Creating

Session One Creating and achieving an ambitious vision for your school, focusing on learning and achievement Monitoring performance through quality assurance systems and through your self-assessment. DESCRIPTION OF SESSION: The following areas will be covered: How to create an ambitious vision where it is embedded in everything you do and is owned by everyone. Understanding Aurora’s and regulatory expectations and your responsibilities. How do you create an effective quality assurance system and what needs to be included? What is a self-assessment and how to write a highly effective SA. How is the self-assessment integrated within the quality assurance cycle? How do you get all children and young people, staff and stakeholders involved in the Self-Assessment process? How do you internally and externally validate a SAR? Empowering Uniqueness

Session Two Children and Young People’s Wellbeing and Safeguarding DESCRIPTION OF SESSION: The following areas will be covered: Understanding regulatory requirements and links with external agencies and Local Authority. Safeguarding training requirements for all staff and DSL, understanding the role of the DSL. Understanding the governance and the independent whistleblowing hotline. Creating a ‘feeling safe and respected culture’. The afternoon will be spent training you to become a Mental Health Champion Empowering Uniqueness

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