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Headteacher and Principal Induction

Session Five Financial

Session Five Financial Management DESCRIPTION OF SESSION: The following areas will be covered: The Financial Year/ budget overview. Understanding the budget lines and analysing financial performance. Understanding best values principals. Understanding the budget setting process. Governance - what it is, what is expected from you and your site and when. Empowering Uniqueness

Session Six Creating an Exceptional Teaching and Learning Environment. DESCRIPTION OF SESSION: The following areas will be covered: What makes outstanding teaching and learning? Promoting a highly individualised approach to children, young people and staff. Promoting highly effective CPD for teachers and support staff linked to your SA/ QA systems. How to create a powerful teaching observation schedule with the maximum impact on teaching and learning. How to ensure internal and external validation of teaching and learning. Creating a creative curriculum whilst still meeting the standards. How to adopt a multisensory approach to giving feedback to children and young people about their learning and next steps. Practical approaches to adopting a teaching and learning culture e.g. learning walks, EBI, mentoring, shadowing etc. Empowering Uniqueness

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