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Headteacher and Principal Induction

Meeting Schedule

Meeting Schedule Throughout the 6 month induction period there will be a detailed meeting schedule between yourself and your Induction Line Manager. Here is an example of the type of meeting schedule you may be issued: Day 1 to go though your induction process End of Week 1 informal meeting to check progress End of Month 1 informal contact to check progress End of Month 2 informal contact to check progress End of Month 3 formal meeting Your Line Manager will check you understand the duties/ processes/ procedures related to your role and ensure that you: Are carrying these out correctly, safely and efficiently Are making satisfactory progress towards required work standards governed by regulations and best practice You understand and demonstrate Aurora values and behaviours Have established good working relationships Have developed positive attitudes towards your work Are developing knowledge of the work of your team Understand any other topics relevant to your role Are feeling fully supported in your role Are attending work punctually and regularly Feel you have received training in order for you to achieve the above. This meeting is a two-way process and it is an opportunity for you to comment on your progress and raise any issues or concerns. Empowering Uniqueness

End of Month 4 informal contact to check progress End of Month 5 informal contact to check progress At the end of Month 6 – PROBATIONARY REVIEW After you have been employed for 6 months, you will be required to attend a probationary review meeting. You must complete the probationary review form prior to this meeting, which will form part of the discussions around reviewing your performance. Outcomes from the probationary review meeting could include: Confirmed probation Extended probation period If you successfully pass your Probationary Review, your Line Manager will discuss with you your further training needs. From month 6 to month 12 you will continue to attend the half termly sessions and meet with your professional mentor Empowering Uniqueness

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