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Entrances and Doors

Entrances and Doors Designing the Frame Hi­Tech manufactures all types of elevator entrances and doors. Whether your project calls for standard entrances, or custom designed entrances, Hi­Tech has the ability to fabricate them. In addition to manufacturing entrances and doors, Hi­Tech is proud to also install new entrance frames. Our team will survey and engineer the project to your specification. This allows for precise engineering, guaranteed quality of the final product and minimal lead times. TYPICAL METAL FINISHES The most common metals used for entrances and doors are Stainless Steel or Bronze. We can also manufacture entrances out of other metals such as copper, non­directional stainless steel and non­directional bronze. The possibilities are endless when it comes to executing your vision. We can also manufacture specific design materials such as oxidized bronze, blackened stainless steel and/or provide decorative etching in the metal. Stainless Steel No. 4 Satin Finish Stainless Steel No. 8 Mirror Finish Bronze No. 4 Satin Finish Bronze No. 8 Mirror Finish

Handrails Coined as the "jewelry piece" of the elevator cab, handrails are not only useful in its purpose to provide support for passengers to hold onto, but are also a key design element in an elevator cab. Hi­Tech manufactures all different types of custom handrails ranging from the standard flat bar to custom shapes, custom bars and end­caps. Each handrail piece is manufactured to precision to ensure quality and security. We also provide custom brackets to secure the handrail. CUSTOM HANDRAIL DESIGNS The Flat The Round The Oval The Acorns TYPICAL METAL FINISHES FOR HANDRAILS Brushed Stainless Mirror Stainless Brushed Bronze Mirror Bronze Brushed Copper

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