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Fueled by the most

Fueled by the most innovative technology Hi-Tech is transforming the industry. Our passion lies within the roots of our foundation, where we believe that anything is possible. To lead the industry requires the smartest tools, the brightest minds across design, engineering, strategy and development. We have brought together the world's sharpest and most creative professionals to provide our clients with incomparable results. The Hi-Tech Difference ✏ 65,000 square foot facility ✏ 98% of materials are produced in-house. This keeps ----costs down and allows for us to ensure quality. ✏ Ability to manufacture even the most complicated of ----designs. ✏ A team with over 75 years of experience collectively. ✏ Unparalleled project management. ✏ Quality craftsmanship and timely performance.

Precision Project Management At Hi-Tech, we carefully track each phase of a project. Our streamlined approach allows for us to become the core of the every project, communicate with all parties for proper scheduling and timelines and ensure that each and every project is on time and delivered with the highest quality craftsmanship. How a Project Flows 1. INITIAL MEETING During this phase, Hi-Tech will coordinate an on site meeting with you to review the intended scope of work. We will conduct a field survey of your elevator cab or cabs and will discuss which options best suit your needs, budgeting, time frame and design elements that will flow seamlessly within your building. Together, we will create a plan of action that is cost effective and methodical to ensure there is minimal inconvenience to you. 4. ENGINEERING Hi-Tech's team of Engineers will review the project scope of work and design and will create precise shop drawings. These drawings will show all different elevation views of the elevator cab, components and assembly as well as a Bill of Materials. Our systems are linked the the machinery in the plant which allow us to properly program the necessary machinery for your project and turn projects around quickly. Once shop drawings are completed, they will be sent to you, the consultant and architect, if any, and your elevator company for review and approval. Once approvals are received, we move forward to the next steps of the project. 2. DESIGN Hi-Tech's team of qualified designers will work your project manager to develop a design that best suits your building and most of all your vision. We will source samples of all materials intended for use, render 3D images of the proposed design for the cab and put together a full presentation board for your review. Our representatives will work around your schedule to present the items to all board members, project committees and/or executives involved in the project. 5. PRODUCTION AND MANUFACTURING Hi-Tech's manufacturing department works in conjunction with our engineers and production control department to produce the final product. Together, they will work hard to meet the goal of manufacturing a product that surpasses the expectations of our customers. 3. ESTIMATE & AWARD OF CONTRACT Once the final design is selected, our Estimators will be sure to review the specifications, bid requirements and will put together a clearly written proposal specifying each component of the project. Once approved and the contract is awarded, our production control team will coordinate with you a full project schedule based on your needs, material and fabrication lead time. 6. DELIVERY OR INSTALLATION DELIVERY FOR NEW CONSTRUCTION If your project called for the construction of a brand new elevator cab, our mechanics will stand the entire cab and components up in our facility. At this time customers are invited to our warehouse to view the final product before it is taken down and crated for delivery. Our production department will coordinate delivery of the cab(s) to the building with your elevator company. FIELD INSTALLATION If your project is a modernization project, Hi-Tech's production department will coordinate with building management and your elevator company weeks before the initial start date. Once the schedule is confirmed, our field personnel will go to the project site and begin the demolition of the existing cab's interior and installation of the new interior.

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