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Application: 2-Phase Lift Serum The basis of all treatments with the 2 Phase Lift, is a well-cleansed face with no greasy residue! LOCAL WRINKLE TREATMENT • Press out a small amount from the syringe on the back of the hand and apply it locally to the wrinkles to be treated using a Make-Up brush. (It is also possible to apply with your fingers, but the brush has been found to be optimal for perfect results). • It should be noted that the amount is well dosed, do not apply too much, so that no white residue forms, but not too little, so that you achieve an optimal effect. Generally less is more! • After 1-2 times testing you should have found the ideal "portioning" for your own skin. • The gel edges/transitions should be well blurred so that no white residue will be visible later. • It is always important that you work with the brush from the inside out. Imagine how a face lift is performed during an operation. Here too, the skin is pulled up to the side. • When used correctly, the wrinkles are greatly reduced within about 2-3 minutes – it usually disappears completely. • The drying and effect process is accelerated when you "wave" with a fan. • It is important not to mimic during the treatment. Additional effect with a Q Tip • If you want to achieve an even more intensive local result, work the gel (e.g. on the lip wrinkles) with a Q tip into the skin. After that, even lips will often appear bigger. As Serum: all over face (without make-up application) • Moisten the face completely with tap water or a facial spray. • Pump the serum (approx. 2-3 pump strokes) from the syringe onto 2 fingertips of one hand and distribute this amount over the moisturized face. • To use as a serum, all around the eyes, spread over the entire face and neck and then let it dry.