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March Newsletter


GOVERNMENT ENSURING A SAFE community 2017 CRIME STATISTICS RELEASED VILLAGE REMAINS SAFE The Police Department, through their strategic operations and community programs, works to ensure the safety of the community. The Police Department releases the following summary of crime statistics for 2017. In 2017, the Police Department continued to solidify the implementation of their Strategic Intelligence Deployment Accountability Planning (SIDAP) philosophy. The SIDAP philosophy is built upon the foundational components of: timely and accurate data analysis, rapid and specific deployment of resources, effective tactics and proper follow up. The idea of putting the “right” people in the “right” place for the “right” reason summarizes the essence of what the SIDAP philosophy embodies. Each month the Police Department leadership staff has a mandatory SIDAP meeting. During the meeting, the prior month data summary is presented by the crime analyst and each police commander presents both strategic deployment plans both for the past month and for the future month. An emphasis is placed on creating positive outcomes, as measured both quantitatively and qualitatively, from these strategic deployments. Realizing that crime and traffic accident numbers fluctuate due to a variety of factors, it is critical that we are systematically keeping a watchful eye over all of them and then being diligent in our proactive and focused response. With specific and measurable goals, the Police Department is able to clearly articulate how we are serving our community’s public safety needs. Utilizing the quantifiable data presented during the SIDAP meetings, the Police Department was able to deploy target traffic patrols in high accident locations, which we strongly believe helped to reduce injury accidents to a historic annual low level across the Village. The chart below represents the aggressive crime reduction goals set by department leaders for 2017. The goals are developed by analyzing three years of data, taking an average number from the three years of data and then setting a goal to reduce each crime by 2%. Although, we did not reach the goals set for 2017, we made significant progress in community safety by reducing the overall number of injury 2017 Crime Reduction Goals And Outcomes TYPE 2017 Goal Jan Feb March April May June July August Sept Oct Nov Dec YTD 2017 BURGLARY 70 15 5 10 16 21 7 9 7 12 11 3 9 125 1ST DEG CRIMINAL TRESPASS 102 19 10 16 20 21 17 8 15 15 19 6 8 174 THEFT 369 27 23 40 30 22 38 28 32 38 40 54 51 423 CRIMINAL MISCHIEF 103 13 9 14 10 13 6 11 8 12 12 9 11 128 INJURY ACCIDENTS 44 1 0 2 1 4 3 4 2 4 2 5 1 29 NON-INJURY ACCIDENTS 1334 135 118 127 117 164 143 130 118 113 142 119 147 1573 PG. 12 GV NEWSLETTER | MARCH 2018

GOVERNMENT accidents from 32 accidents in 2016, to 29 accidents in 2017. This reduction in injury accidents, which is identified by using real time data, allows department leaders to strategically deploy our resources to known accident locations. The department continues to provide officer initiated proactive policing efforts, which include; Proactive Patrols (business checks), Extra Patrols Crime And Accident Comparison Chart November 2017 To December 2017 (house or business watches), Increased Patrol (more police visibility in an area), Foot Patrols (officers walking an area on foot), Crime Prevention (notices being left to prevent potential crime) and Walk-Through of a Business (officers making contacts walking in and/or around a business). The officer initiated activities are part of the strategic plan to prevent and reduce crime in The Village. The chart below left is a comparative example of how we measure and analyze crime and traffic accidents from month to month. The color scheme represents an increase in (red), no change in (yellow), a reduction in (green) and no incidents reported in (black). There is no question the adaptation of the SIDAP strategic deployment philosophy gives the Police Department an effective and efficient way to prevent crime and efficiently deploy police resources. As the Police Department integrates additional new and planned, technologies into operation, it is anticipated that our access to time critical data for SIDAP analysis will continue to improve. We feel very strongly that in turn this will allow us to make the Village even safer with even less crime. For more information, please call the Police Department at 303-773-2525. GV NEW PET WASTE STATIONS The pet waste stations along Village parks and trails are getting revamped! To improve reliability of access to bags, the new dispensers provide three bags at one time. In addition, the signs have a fresh new look that displays a clearer message. Picking up after your dog has never been so easy. GV DON’T PICK UP AFTER YOUR DOG? IT COULD COST YOU! Leaving your pet’s waste in the grass or on the trail is not only discourteous to others, but is very harmful to public health and the environment. It is illegal for pet owners to leave their pet waste on public property in Greenwood Village. If you are caught in the act of not picking up after your dog, you could be imposed with a fine of up to $499. MARCH 2018 | GV NEWSLETTER PG. 13