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March Newsletter


GOVERNMENT MAYOR RON reports GVPD EFFORTS AT CHERRY CREEK SCHOOLS Since the heart wrenching tragic event at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida citizens have asked me what is our Police Department doing to protect our children. While we cannot guarantee absolute safety, for the past five years we have worked with the Ron Rakowsky Cherry Creek School rrakowsky@ District and surrounding public safety agencies to 303-486-5741 minimize any attempt at a school shooting should such an attempt come to pass. Along with the Cherry Creek School District we are committed to providing students and staff with the safest possible learning and teaching environment. It is important that children are not only safe, but also feel safe, so they can excel. This emphasis has resulted in a Comprehensive Safe Schools Plan that includes a purposeful connection between physical safety/security and the “psychological safety” of students. Physical safety includes measures such as visitor check-in and identification badges, video surveillance, preparedness planning, and practice drills to prepare for a variety of potential incidents. District and school crisis plans are aligned with the recommendations of state Homeland Security, local emergency responders, and public safety officials and use the general response practices outlined in the National Incident Management System (NIMS). Greenwood Village has full-time School Resource Officers placed in all Village public schools to aid in the protection of students. Each school has a functioning school safety team that monitors the building plan for both psychological and physical safety, and a crisis response & recovery team that oversees and implements the school’s crisis response plan when needed. Major components of the district Comprehensive Safe School Plans and school safety plans are as recommended by the US Department of Education. Cherry Creek Schools are served by five police and two fire agencies. To ensure a timely and coordinated response to potential crisis situations it is critical that all responding agencies share common language and protocols with district schools regardless of official jurisdiction. Initiated by our former Chief now City Manager Jackson, the group was charged with identifying and subsequently implementing a standard response protocol. When seconds matter, different language cannot be allowed to slow our response. Accordingly, a common language and definition for all Cherry Creek Schools and responding agencies have been established. GVPD command staff assigns officers to work within the schools in Greenwood Village partnering with Cherry Creek High School district security. They have a permanent office at Cherry Creek High School and regularly visit other schools located in our city. While we cannot guarantee outcomes, we are continuously updating and refining our plans to deal with potential threats. Should you have further questions or concerns, contact your Chief of Police Dustin Varney at 303-486-8266 or or Cherry Creek School District Safety and Security Director Randy Councell at 720-554-4489 or SIGN UP FOR EMERGENCY NOTIFICATIONS The safety of the community is a priority for Greenwood Village. The Citizen Alert System will allow the Village Police Department to make sure you know about emergencies and disasters before or as they happen. PG. 2 GV NEWSLETTER | MARCH 2018

GOVERNMENT CITY council NOT SURE WHO YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS ARE? Obtain a list of your state and national government representatives at DISTRICT 1 DISTRICT 2 DISTRICT 3 DISTRICT 4 Dave Bullock dbullock@ 303-804-4137 Anne Ingebretsen aingebretsen@ 303-804-4135 Steve Moran smoran@ 303-804-4133 Judith Hilton jhilton@ 303-804-4131 Jerry Presley jpresley@ 303-804-4138 Dave Kerber dkerber@ 303-804-4136 George Lantz glantz@ 303-804-4134 Thomas Dougherty tdougherty@ 303-804-4132 Here’s How It Works How Do I Sign Up? The Citizen Alert System will already have your landline telephone numbers so you do not need to worry about providing that information. If you are interested in being notified of emergencies through text and voice devices, simply visit the Village Website at, and look for the Citizen Alert Notification Sign Up button (quick link) on the Police Department home page. It only takes a few minutes to opt-in with your information. What If I Do Not Have Access To The Internet? If you do not have access to the Internet, you can call the Village Police Department at 303-773-2525. Please be prepared to provide your name, your Greenwood Village address, and the telephone numbers of the communication devices you would like added to the Citizen Alert Notification System. Questions For more information or questions, please call the Village Police Department at 303-773-2525. continued on page 4 MARCH 2018 | GV NEWSLETTER PG. 3