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March 2018

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24 | ARROYO | 03.18

—ADVERTISING SUPPLEMENT— –continued from page 22 Bamboo fl oors became popular around 1990, an eco-friendly and natural choice. What’s next? Glad you asked. TRENDS TO WATCH Although bamboo has been around for several decades, it’s just now emerging in lively colors and styles. Strand-woven bamboo, a highly engineered product that is twice as tough, is making a big move thanks to its durability. The best bamboo looks like fi ne hardwood, although it is still recommended not be placed in high-moisture areas of the home like bathrooms and kitchens. Tile is also making a big impact, and we mean that literally. Huge sizes are a trend, ranging up to 36 x 36, or three times the size of the traditional 12x12 tiles. There is also adventure to be found in the shapes, materials and patterns being used. Cork is also making its mark as a fl ooring product. Now available in various colors and styles, cork fl oors are far more durable than they were even a decade ago, thanks to improved engineering. Finally, concrete fl oors are increasingly popular with those seeking a cool, modern look. No longer available just in grey, concrete can give your home a sleek look that’s very cost-effective and durable. Just consider whether it fi ts your lifestyle - walking on concrete all day can be daunting on the joints. Of course, the Holy Grail for most homeowners are hardwood fl oors. There’s something about the look, the feel, and the sheer majesty of a hardwood fl oor that makes them the popular choice among picky stylists. The use of hardwoods was once frowned upon because of its sustainability issues. But today’s savvy consumers understand that local products - like wood - that are not shipped from thousands of miles away are far more eco-friendly than those sent from rainforests in other parts of the world. The American timberland owners have done a good job replenishing this natural resource, making oak, hickory, maple and heart pine the perfect way to make your fl oor a featured attraction in your home. –continued on page 29 PHOTO: Courtesy of Saxum Tile Design Studios 03.18 | ARROYO | 25