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March 2018

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—ADVERTISING SUPPLEMENT— –continued from page 25 PASADENA AIMS FOR TILE STYLE Kim Gould of Saxum Tile Design Studios in Pasadena says locals in the Pasadena area are leaning toward “a warmer palette” when choosing tile for their home surfaces. “White and grey are still very popular, but clients are selecting warmer greys or creamier whites.” Naturally, lighter colors prompt at least one major concern - how do you keep it clean? Gould acknowledges that clients worry about maintenance, but even delicates like bamboo are surprisingly study and resilient choices. Of course, what you put in your home depends on a number of factors beyond style - foot traffi c, cost and the home’s use all are considerations. But particularly with tile, fl oors should last as long as you want to maintain that particular style. “There are typically several different types of fl ooring in a home to fi t the needs of each space,” says Gould. “A kitchen requires something that is easy to clean and is durable. Materials that are resilient in wet areas and offer traction to minimize slipping are perfect for a bathroom. If you replace all of your fl oors at once, you can select materials that work together nicely not only relating to color but also accommodating differences of thickness. Cement tiles are very popular and are being used for bathroom fl oors.” Have questions? Come on in to the Saxum Studio, says Gould. “Visiting a showroom like ours is a great fi rst step even if you want to just come and look around. We do not come out to the job site. However, if you let us know a little about your project and your aesthetic, we will be happy to recommend a designer that will fi t your needs.” |||| 03.18 | ARROYO | 29