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March Messenger 2018


SEASON OF LENT COOK'S CORNER Sunday afternoon, March 4th we are consecrating a new Regional Minister and our General Minister and President is preaching at this worship service! What a wonderful celebration -we are blessing the Regional ministry to which Andy Mangum has been called and we get to hear Teri Hord-Owen preach. That is grand, but who are these folk and what does this mean? In ways, both are embodiments of our connection to the larger Disciples of Christ community. Andy Mangum is serving as leader of the Southwest Region - 400+ congregations in Texas and New Mexico that have covenanted to grow in faith and mission and service to God. Through a variety of connections, we provide learning events, mission trips, camps, higher education, support and train ministers, pastoral care and so much more. Teri Hord-Owen serves as leader of the Christian Church (DOC) in the United States and Canada. Her community is made up of 1000s of congregations of all shapes, sizes, languages, strengths and challenges all seeking to be a presence for God’s vision for our world that is reflective of the vision, hopes and practices of the Christian Church (DOC). Their work is not without its challenges, for as often been said wherever 2 or 3 Disciples gather, there are at least 5 opinions. We have called Teri and Andy to help us navigate the future of our church. When so many things divide us and so many voices seek to pit us one against another, even claiming certain beliefs as litmus tests, we need leaders with prayer-filled vision, courage, patience, hope and our support. I invite you to join me in prayerful support of Regional and General Church ministries and Andy Mangum and Teri Hord-Owen and to attend the consecration service on Sunday afternoon. Grace and Peace, Dottie GOOD FRIDAY SEDER MEAL Friday March 30, 2018 6:00-8:00pm This year, the beginning of Passover and Good Friday are the same day. We have a wonderful opportunity to be led in the celebration of the Seder by the Klos family. Ethan will share with us his knowledge and insights of the faithful practices of his family for generations. This will be a potluck supper and the elements of the Seder will be provided. To make sure we have enough for everyone, please let us know if you are coming. And bring friends! We want to honor the practices of this meal, so here are some guidelines for the food we bring to share. *Try to avoid bread and bread products, unless you substitute matzah. *No pork *No shellfish Anything else is great! Please contact the office, with the following information: • Yes, I am coming • # of guests THE MESSENGER | SPIRITUAL LIFE 03

SHCC YOUTH Mark your calendars - Youth Sunday April 22nd. Planning has already begun! There will be more planning times soon - check your messages. Be sure and let me know if you are interested in Summer Camps and Conferences. We are also planning some Mission experiences. Let me know your summer schedules as soon as you can. Camp Dates: Chi Rho (Grades 6-7): June 11-16 & July 16-21 CYF (Grades 10-12): June 18-23 Niners (Grade 9): June 18-23 Eighters (Grade 8): June 24-30 ADDAM Camp (Grades 9-12) : June 24-30 FEASTING ROB LANEY "Love is come again like wheat arising green..." DISCIPLES WOMEN MINISTRY Upcoming Dates: After our time of hunger we will feast on the living bread of sprouted grain that satisfies our souls. We have been preparing a banquet of music to celebrate Jesus’ sacrifice and resurrection. March 6 - Circles Meeting 10am March 20 – General Meeting 10am This season of celebrating and remembering during Holy Week will include some exciting musical opportunities for worship. For Palm Sunday at 10:50am the Chancel Choir have been preparing very special anthem. Imagine the gospels’ prophesies leading up to Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem sung on the crescendo of Ravel’s Bolero. Drums, bells, horns, pipes, strings and voices will all volunteer a herald for His coming sacrifice to begin Holy Week. On Easter, we will lift up our praise and thanks with the sacred music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. A soprano and a trumpeter from the TCU School of Music will join us to celebrate our Savior’s resurrection. We look forward to joining together all our hearts and voices in community and service. On Easter we will be joined by a guest soprano Allyson Smith and guest trumpeter Sebastian Alvarez. To celebrate the risen Christ, we will raise up our very best with the music of W. A. Mozart. — Peace Through Music 04 THE MESSENGER | SPIRITUAL LIFE

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