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LEADING TOGETHER SCHEDULE MONDAY, APRIL 27 CONCURRENT SESSIONS 11:15 am – 12:15 pm Yerba Buena Salon 3/4 Lower B2 Level Catch a Ride on a Roller-Coaster: A Public Policy Case Study on Immigration Policy Systemic change cannot occur separate from policy change, and philanthropy has a strong history of using policy advocacy as a tool to address challenging problems. Using the policy issue of immigration reform as an example, this session will examine the exhilarating and often nail-biting roller-coaster ride that is immigration reform policy, outlining the many ups and downs of federal and state policy change, and the political, economic and social impact on the U.S., and especially, the human toil on immigrants and their families. Our panel will provide a quick and comprehensive look at where we are on this neverending ride. CONCURRENT SESSIONS 11:15 am – 12:15 pm Golden Gate C3 B2 Level Arts and Culture as an Economic Driver (CPE) Many leaders have invested in institutions of the arts as part of comprehensive community planning and development. Arts play an important role in strengthening the social, physical, and economic fabric of communities. But do the arts really have the capacity to transform a place or make the difference? Learn from some of the foremost thinkers in cultural philanthropy about the strategies you can employ to foster a culture of expression and prosperity. CONCURRENT SESSIONS 11:15 am – 12:15 pm Yerba Buena Salon 5/6 Lower B2 Level Propelling the NetGain Initiative Are you interested in continuing the conversation from Monday morning’s plenary? In this workshop, we will ask a self-selected group of the most active, motivated participants from the plenary session to take the output from the plenary further, deeper, and make it more actionable. There we asked “Considering the NetGain Initiative, what will foundations have to do in order to thrive?” We prioritized the group’s hundreds of ideas and then for each of the top four vote-getters a quarter of the participants explored, “What can foundations do to make the greatest impact with [this initiative]?” And then time was up. So in this workshop, in small action-groups, we will ask “How can we shape [initiative 1-2-3-4] to make it attractive for funders, volunteers and activists?” The output of this workshop is intended to create direction and momentum coming out the Annual Meeting based on the ideas and direction from all conference attendees. Preliminary output from this session will be presented to the final plenary later in the day by some of the workshop participants. CONCURRENT SESSIONS 11:15 am – 12:15 pm Golden Gate C2 B2 Level Passing National Standards (CLE) Have you ever wondered who is reviewing your National Standards submission and what are they looking for? This session will bring community foundation staff and their reviewers together to discuss what passes National Standards. In addition, the National Standards Director will share the most common issues with a National Standards submission and how to avoid them. CONCURRENT SESSIONS 11:15 am – 12:15 pm Nob Hill C/D Lower B2 Level Lasting & Powerful Impacts: Investing in People to Change Social Policy What kind of return on investment comes from growing leadership capacity of community members to change policies and systems that impact them? What are the long-term effects? What does it require, financially and programmatically, to support this type of work? What kind of funding mechanisms best support this work? What is the role of Foundation staff? What are we learning from targeting grassroots leadership capacity and policy change as outcomes instead of bricks-and-mortar or services? This session will shed light on some examples of resident-led initiatives that have led to policy change. 26 Council on Foundations 2015 Annual Meeting |

HOPE AND OPPORTUNITY IN A DESTABILIZED WORLD MONDAY, APRIL 27 SCHEDULE #COFAnnual #Philanthropy Family & Small Foundations Maximizing Unique Assets to Catalyze Change By addressing tough problems with passion, an adaptive mindset, deep knowledge, engagement of others, and long-term commitment, philanthropists can provide leadership and positive impact on important issues. Funders with few or no staff, many of which are Family Foundations, are especially well-positioned to be catalysts for the issues and communities they care about most. CONCURRENT SESSIONS 11:15 am – 12:15 pm Golden Gate C1 B2 Level In this session we will surface the key features of catalytic work, sharing case studies of how small and family foundations are tackling tough issues using nontraditional approaches. Then, we will walk session participants through a series of exercises and discussions to identify urgent issues, how ideal solutions might look, what is holding them back from pursuing these solutions, and how they might apply a fresher approach to making change. Impact Investing: What to Expect over the Next 10 Years This session will provide an advanced analysis of the state of impact investing and what practitioners can expect to see over the next ten years. As impact investing becomes increasingly popular, new approaches and tools are emerging that offer an increasingly complex array of opportunities from which funders can choose. Join leading field experts as they unpack some of these opportunities and explore the impact they will have on philanthropy. CONCURRENT SESSIONS 11:15 am – 12:15 pm Nob Hill A/B Lower B2 Level Insights and Innovations in Effective Foundation Financial Management This session is intended for all current foundation C-Suite executives, and their future replacements. The effective management, governance and leadership of foundations will be discussed from a CEO perspective, including the relevance of diversity in the development of the next generation of leaders. This will provide a framework for a dialogue on the successful financial management of foundations from a trustee and chief financial officer point of view. Issues such as performance versus peers, diversification strategies, the impact of financials on programmatic activities, staff optimization and fiduciary responsibilities will be discussed. The strategies and techniques to be shared will be relevant to foundations of all sizes and types. CONCURRENT SESSIONS 11:15 am – 12:15 pm Yerba Buena Salon 12/13 Lower B2 Level Words Matter: Messaging Philanthropy for Today’s Policy Realities Philanthropy is under a microscope in state legislatures, Governor’s offices on Capitol Hill and with the Administration. This raises an important question - are we talking about ourselves and the work we do in a way that meets the challenges we face today? Lawmakers, academics, and the public at large do not fully understand the work and roll of foundations, and many have misconceptions about how we operate. With tax reform looming, it has never been more important for us to think critically as a sector about how we talk about our organizations to different audiences. Come learn from your peers as we work together to refine philanthropy’s elevator pitch for a new era. CONCURRENT SESSIONS 11:15 am – 12:15 pm Foothill G Second Level Deep Dive: Legal and Practical Barriers to Cross-Border Grantmaking (CLE) Join our speakers as they delve into global grantmaking from many different perspectives, including the standpoints of community, private and corporate foundations that invest abroad. Panelists will discuss successful strategies they employ and you will have many opportunities to ask questions and engage around issues that affect your work. During Part 1 of this session, panelists will provide a legal “lay of the land” on cross-border philanthropy for U.S.-based foundations and will discuss regulations and practical challenges of making grants globally. During Part 2, panelists will discuss different ways you can more easily undertake global grantmaking by working with other institutions, whether another foundation, a non-profit, or a government agency, to more efficiently make philanthropic investments abroad. DEEP DIVE 11:15 am - 2:45 pm Yerba Buena Salon 1/2 Lower B2 Level | Council on Foundations 2015 Annual Meeting 27

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