Man's physical universe



Every section in this text was criticized by at least five competent

experts. The majority of the sections were criticized by from two to

four additional readers. Many industrial organizations have made

major contributions in the form of criticisms and illustrations. I

have already personally thanked these individuals and organizations

for the invaluable help which they have given me in

second edition of Mans Physical Universe.

preparing this

I have decided not to list the names of the many people who have

contributed to the improvement of this book, not because I am not

deeply grateful to them for their help, but because I do not want

them to be held responsible in any way for inaccuracies and inadequacies

which cannot be avoided in presenting a comprehensive

and panoramic picture of the physical sciences.

Our indebtedness to many sources of material is apparent. In such

a wide field, no claim to originality can be made. The reader who is

familiar with the references listed in the Bibliography will recognize

many general influences. Many passages are the development of ideas

whose origin I have forgotten, but I have been careful to acknowledge

all quotations taken from copyrighted sources. I am sure that my

readers will join me in expressing my thanks to the authors and publishers

of such passages for their generosity in allowing me to incorporate

their ideas clothed in their own language.

It is a pleasure to acknowledge my indebtedness to the many

teachers and students whose criticism of the First Edition of this text

has guided me in the preparation of this Second Edition.



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