Man's physical universe



found to consist of no other elements than those found in the earth and

thus confirm the findings of the spectroscope that all matter in the

universe is similar to that which composes our earth.

Occasionally Very Large Meteorites Strike the Earth.

A meteorite weighing more than 50 tons still lies where it fell in

Southwest Africa. Another, a siderite weighing 36}/2 tons, was found by

Peary near Cape York and is now on display in the Hayden Plane-

Fig. 31. Willamette Meteorite from Willamette, Oregon. (Courtesy of

American Museum of Natural History, New York.)

tarium of the American Museum of Natural History in New York

City. Three large meteorites, ranging from 11 to 27 tons, have been

discovered in Mexico.

A very large meteorite or shower of meteorites is believed to have

struck in Arizona where a huge crater is now visible. This crater is

4200 feet in diameter and 570 feet deep. A number of siderites have

been recovered from the crater. Several other meteor craters have been

located in various parts of the world.

Showers of Meteorites Occur from Time to Time.

Meteorite falls are more spectacular than the shooting stars.


often cause blinding flashes of light, so brilliant that they can be seen

even in full daylight, and they may produce terrific explosive sounds.

Occasionally showers of meteorites occur. On February 12, 1875, near

Homestead, Iowa, there was a shower of stones accompanied by blinding

celestial fireworks and deafening explosions. Another shower of

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