Man's physical universe




1. How did the ancients consider comets?

2. What causes the tail of a comet?

3. What is the position of the comet's tail with reference to the sun? What

causes this?

4. What is the generally accepted idea of the composition of a comet?

5. How large are meteors?

6. Why do meteors get hot?

7. How far from the earth do meteors usually appear and disappear?

8. What are the three types of meteorites? Of what is each composed?

9. Give some examples to show the force of the impact when a meteor collides

with the earth.

10. W^hy do meteoric showers appear periodically?

11. What information may be gained from the observation of the trails of


12. What does the fact that certain meteorite swarms follow the paths of disintegrated

comets suggest?

13. The following hypotheses concerning the origin of meteorites have been

suggested: (1) they were thrown up by volcanoes; (2) they were produced

by volcanoes on the moon; (3) they are of the same origin as meteors. Suggest

some possible observations that might be made to prove the truth or

untruth of each hypothesis.

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