Man's physical universe



the Tennessee Valley Authority and those on the Columbia River

represent efforts of men to cooperate with each other and with nature.

The Bureau of Reclamation has built 165 dams to irrigate 4,000,000

acres of arid and semiarid land and at the same time prevent floods

and generate power.

The Central Valley Project in California is designed to prevent

some 200,000 acres of rich lands from becoming a desert because of

the lowering of the water table by extensive irrigation.

Fig. 63. Sandhills Agricultural Project of South Carolina.

Administration photograph, by Mundans.)


The United States Government owns 750,000,000 acres of land,

including valuable national forests, which it is wisely administering

from the point of view of conservation.

The Taylor Grazing Act of 1934 established the United States Grazing

Service, which supervises the conservation of 142,000,000 acres

of public grazing-lands.

The Department of the Interior is carrying out soil conservation

work on 285,000,000 acres of land, equivalent to one seventh of the

area of the United States.

The Civilian Conservation Corps, the Resettlement Administration,

and many other government agencies have cooperated in a far-sighted

program of conservation that demonstrates that democracy will and

does work.

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