Man's physical universe



He also points out that the shops of astrologers and fortunetellers had

as great an attendance as did the Adler Planetarium at the Century of

Progress Exposition, and that many people neglect and oppose vaccination,

thus delaying the wiping-out of smallpox, although there is

nothing better substantiated than the effectiveness of vaccination

against smallpox. He concludes his thesis that this is not an age of

Science by showing that increased knowledge is used by society largely

to " satisfy greed, lust, hate and vanity " because the spirit and method

of Science have not appreciably influenced the average man.

The present world-upheavals demonstrate what happens when

predatory men are given the power which modern scientific knowledge

Democracy can be a bulwark of civilization only to the

has set free.

extent that it is influenced by the scientific attitude and utilizes the

scientific method in the solution of problems in terms of basic, timetested

values; in fact, the price of liberty is the intelligent solving of

each problem as it arises in daily life.

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