Man's physical universe




pattern for the organization of knowledge concerning the physical

universe. The author has done his part to the best of his abihty. It

remains for you, the student, to select one or more of the objectives of

this text listed in the next paragraph.

If none of these goals are your

goals, it is probable that you have made a mistake in selecting this

course of study.

The objectives of this course are:


To help the student to formulate worthy goals and to choose ideals which

will form a sound basis for discriminating judgment.

2. To develop such an understanding and appreciation of the scientific

attitude that the student will actively cultivate it, thus liberating him

from superstition and fears and giving a sound basis for successful


3. To provide an understanding of the nature of the scientific method and

to instil the habit of using it to solve the problems of life.

4. To impart an understanding and appreciation of the nature of the

universe and man's relation to it; in other words, to help the student

to develop a wholesome philosophy of life.

5. To afford an appreciation of the work and contributions of great


6. To provide a background of information essential to the solution of the

problems of modern life as revealed by physical science, to the end that

everyone will be able to interpret the phenomena of his own everyday

experience in an intelligent, satisfying manner and live more

effectively in the new environment created by physical science.

Facts are the basic materials of thought; this course seeks to give

a broad foundation of the most important facts of the physical


7. To survey and integrate the important generalizations of physical

science in order to give meaning to the facts learned.

8. To show how physical science is changing the life and thought of man,

showing particularly how physical science has enabled man better

to adapt himself to his physical environment.

9. To provide guidance for the student by outlining the scope and the content

of the different physical sciences, to enable him to determine

whether or not his interests and talents lie in any one of these

fields of knowledge, and if they do, to stimulate further studies in

physical science.

10. To make clear the relation of the various sciences to each other.

11. To enable the student to develop a taste for the current nontechnical

scientific literature and to acquire a vocabidary adequate for an understanding

of it. Well-equipped travelers in this scientific age require a

certain minimum scientific vocabulary. "He that travelleth into a

country before he hath some entrance into the language, goeth to

school, and not to travel." — Francis Bacon.

1 2. To provide a broad background forfuture specialization. In the words

of A. N. Whitehead, "Wisdom is the fruit of a balanced development."

We are living in the age of specialists. Specialization,

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