Man's physical universe



6. Explain the equable climates on the western coast of North America.

7. What is the cause of ocean currents?

8. At what time, day or night, do breezes usually blow from the ocean to the

land, and why?

9. At what time, day or night, do breezes blow down mountain canyons, and


10. How do breezes from the land and sea change from winter to summer?

11. What is meant by relative humidity? How is it measured? Of what value

is this information?

12. Why is Death Valley so dry?

13. Account for the Nevada desert.

14. Why does snow melt so rapidly in a moist warm breeze?

15. Discuss the factors which are the basis for climate and weather.

16. Differentiate between whirlwinds, tornadoes, hurricanes, and cyclones.

17. Discuss the causes of rain, snow, fog, lightning storms, and tornadoes.

18. Explain how convection currents are produced.

19. Why do we have less frost in cloudy weather than on clear nights?

20. Discuss the formation of hail.

21. What are the two causes of the circulation of the atmosphere?

22. What is the dew point, and how is it obtained?

23. W'hat is the cause of the excellent climate of Florida?

24. Why do the states along the eastern seaboard experience weather so different

from that of the Pacific coast states?

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