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operated by the same motors that run the refrigeration units, although

separate motors are generally employed.

Air Conditioning First Originated in Certain Industries.

Some thirty years ago it was found that variations in temperature

and humidity caused shrinkage and expansion of paper that made fine

printing impossible. So perhaps the first genuine attempt at air conditioning

was made in printing plants.

Air conditioning is also important

in textile mills and fiour mills to prevent dust explosions and to

turn out uniform products. Breweries and distilleries use it to reduce

bacterial infection. Food industries find air conditioning valuable.

Furniture-makers and automobile-body plants use air conditioning to

reduce dust while drying the lacquers and other finishes.

Air Conditioning Has Been Widely Adopted for Large Buildings.

Motion-picture theaters were among the first types of large buildings

to be air conditioned. It is a distinct economy to remove the dirt from

air in such buildings, thus reducing the cleaning expense and keeping

the costly decorations clean much longer. The added feature of refrigeration

soon pays for itself by increased patronage in the summer. Frequently

it has been carried to an extreme, the air being maintained at

too low a temperature for the welfare and comfort of the patrons.

Restaurants, beauty parlors, salesrooms, and retail establishments

quickly adopted air conditioning because of its sales appeal ; for example,

air conditioning in a large eastern restaurant during the summer

increased the average patronage 38 per cent and the average sales

check 30 per cent. People eat more when they are not too hot.

In 1933 railroad trains were air conditioned for the first time. These

trains met with such popular approval that all of the new railroad cars

and many of the old ones are now air conditioned.

It has been found that conditioned air not only increases the bodily

comfort during the whole year, but as a result of this also increases one's

efiftciency. Many large office buildings have been air conditioned


The Department of Interior Building at Washington, D. C, eight

million cubic feet in size, was air conditioned at a cost of about a million

dollars. Most of the other United States Government buildings at

Washington, including the White House, the Capitol, the Hall of the

House of Representatives, and the Senate Chamber, have been air


The Ford Motor Company has completely air conditioned its huge

plant at River Rouge. It has been found that this results in better con-

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