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from 60 to 92 per cent has saved a great deal of coal for many industries,

including the railroads, so that today less coal is required than

was utilized ten years ago; and as a result there are too many coal

miners. Overproduction and underemployment have meant lowered

living standards for coal miners and have resulted in disastrous

strikes that lowered the living-standards of every American. Conservation

of energy resources must, therefore, be accompanied by a

program of planned conservation of human resources; this is a problem

which has engaged the attention of the United States Government

for some time. The 1937 Coal Act provides for fair minimum prices

and prevents unfair competitive practices. It is probable that full

public control of power resources will eventuate, if present trends are


The individualistic competitive profit system cannot supply the

planning and organization of the conservation of our energy resources

that is required. National Defense requires more than a hit-or-miss

development of our power resources, as was so well illustrated in the

summer of 1941, when the eastern states experienced a gasoline

shortage due to the diversion of oil tankers to Great Britain or in the

summer of 1942, when enemy submarines reduced the shipments of oil

by tankers. Pipe lines could have supplied this needed oil, but other

transportation and tanker interests successfully fought the laying of

such pipe lines several years previously. In this connection one might

well recall the tremendous fight put up by the railroads to prevent the

laying of the first pipe lines in the United States.

The Use of Less Valuable Fuels Should Be Encouraged.

The fuels which are easiest to obtain and most convenient to use are

those which are being depleted most rapidly, as would be expected.

By utilizing less valuable fuels whenever possible, the time of depletion

of the more valuable fuel sources and the resulting higher prices may

be delayed.

A great deal of research needs to be carried out on the economical

utilization of the less valuable fuels, and it follows that the United

States Government should

Water Power Should Be Harnessed.

sponsor such research.

The great dams in the T.V.A. project, Boulder Dam, and the Grand

Coulee Dam are tremendous monuments to the planning ability of

our government and the technical ability of our engineers. Each

one of these dams represents a significant addition to our national

wealth. More projects of this type should be developed, because

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