Man's physical universe



every kilowatt-hour of electrical energy produced by water power

saves not less than three quarters of a pound of coal or its equivalent.

When finished, the Grand Coulee Dam will develop 2,700,000 horsepower,

more than all the present dams of the T.V.A. system. A

ten-dam system, of which the Grand Coulee Dam and the Bonneville

Dams are a part, could produce more than two per cent of the power

requirements of the United States.

Fig. 99. Water mills at Eul, France. Water-wheels were used before the

industrial revolution.

The Connally Act and the Interstate Oil Compact Regulate the Petroleum

and Natural-gas Industry in the PubUc Interest.

Practically 100 per cent of the energy requirements of automobiles

and airplanes are derived from petroleum; 93 per cent of the tonnage

of ocean-going vessels of the United States Merchant Marine is moved

by oil, and practically all of the United States Navy vessels are

powered by petroleum products. A high per cent of agricultural

work is done by tractors and other machines which use petroleum

products for power.


1924 the United States Government has indicated that the

private operation of the petroleum industry should be in line with

public welfare. The Connally Act prevents the interstate or foreign

shipments of oil produced in violation of State laws. The Interstate

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