Man's physical universe



The wide variety of research organization makes adequate provision

for individual initiative.

On the other hand, many important, pressing

problems could be solved more quickly through the planning and

coordination of research programs. It seems probable that the Federal

Government will be the best agency for conducting practical researches

on pressing problems, thus leaving to other research agencies the

development of fundamental research. The present trend toward the

use of intelligence in guiding Federal activities, national planning, and

researches dealing with problems for the welfare of the public should

be encouraged by every citizen.


1. Discuss the organizations which conduct research in the United States.

2. What departments of the United States Government carry on research?

3. To what ends are the majority of the United States Government researches

carried out?

4. Why do colleges and universities not accomplish more in research than they


5. List the outstanding industrial research laboratories in the United States.

6. Discuss modern research in relation to the consumer.

7. Would you say that the research facilities of today are adequate?

8. How would you recommend that research be fostered?

9. What type of research should be conducted by the Federal Government and


10. What problems does the conservation of our energy resources involve?

11. Discuss the origin and functions of the National Resources Planning Board


12. To what extent can water power replace other energy sources?

13. What are some of the possible future sources of energy?

14. Why should conservation be undertaken in this time when an abundance of

readily accessible energy sources are still available?

15. Discuss some of the Federal Activities which have been undertaken to conserve

our energy resources.

16. Why is national planning necessary?

17. Discuss the water-power projects that have been sponsored by the National

Government during the past decade.

18. In what respects are our power sources now inadequate?

19. Why is national planning now more urgent than it was one hundred years


20. In what respects is national planning dependent upon Science?

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